Update: The show is now over and the results of the matches are updated. VoD is now available.

Heres some informations regarding the prizes which will be given to the spectators during the Intro Show of the ESL-TV QL Invitational sponsored by Razer. The quizz is very easy: you must separately guess the winners of the 2 qualification and the exhibition matches. So you get 3 chances to win! Note that this show will be aired @ 12:00 CDT, 16 July 2009.

In order to play, you must post your 3 choices in the comments of the Intro Show streaming before the show begins. The entrys who guessed the match winners correctly will have a chance to be rewarded with 1 of the 10 ESL-TV Premium accounts for 1 month, this will grant them access to the Premium quality streaming on ESL-TV enabling you to watch it in its best quality. The next shows covering the 4 Playdays and Finals will feature hardware prizes from Razer including mousepads and mice. The quizz for each Playday will be posted on various websites 1 day before the show.

Also, the 14 invitations are now filled with the recent addition of France [M]strenx from Millenium.

Intro show streaming: ESL-TV, Alternative host - Premium is only available on ESL-TV's website.
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