Update: the VoD of the Playday #1 is now available.

Update 2: The winners of the 3 competitions are now known.

Tonight the first matches of the ESL-TV QL Invitational sponsored by Razer will begin during the Playday #1 Show. Austria noctis, Netherlands Ovr-Weird, Poland srs\rzr\av3k and United Kingdom dignitas/GaRpY will battle for 100 and a slot in the Finals. The show will start at 12:00 CDT with United Kingdom 2GD and Joe. Also 3 little competitions are still running for the spectators to win some hardware prizes from Razer.

Intro show streaming: ESL-TV, Alternative host - Premium is only available on ESL-TV's website.
ESL-TV - Razer - mIRC #esl-tv.ql - Coverage: fnatic & fragster