Hi guys,

I'm just passing by to announce that Tidal Blast Entertainment, an independent game company from the Montreal region (Canada), is currently working on Deft Grinders, a competitive FPS game.

Deft Grinders is NOT a spiritual successor to Quake, Counter-Strike or Halo.

It's a very different game specifically designed around player movements, skill-based gameplay, mind games, but also to be very entertaining to watch. The game is all about choosing your equipment before a match or the next respawn, combat and mind games. It's not about controlling powerups and power weapons on the map, but that doesn't mean that the game won't feature such gametypes. At this point, I think it's safe to say that it will be one of the most intellectual game available on the market.

"Players will feel like ninjas with gadgets, guns and a hockey stick on steroids."

ESports leagues and players will have all the tools they need to modify, add or remove content from the game on PC: game, weapon, gametype and map editors. Except for the map editor, those features wil lbe available as well for the console versions.

I did plan to add a matchmaking with ranks, clan and league systems, but those features heavily depend of the time and budget we'll have to finish the game. If they don't make it this time, then they'll be featured in the sequel.

I invite you guys to follow the development of the game on our official website, facebook or twitter and spread the word, because competitive FPS games aren't dead yet.