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Posted @ 21:39 GMT 6 Dec 2017
I'm disappointed with where id has taken Quake beginning with the gameplay chang
Re: A proper duel format for QC
Posted @ 23:13 GMT 17 Nov 2017
Personally I would rather play as one champion per map. I don't like respawning
Re: Rapha defeat explained in detail
Posted @ 23:39 GMT 26 Aug 2017
I feel qc duel is more random than past quakes. The pace of the game is constan
Re: Quake Champions duel/1v1 mode reveal
Posted @ 18:00 GMT 28 Mar 2017
My biggest concern right now is that it will feel very awkward switching between
Re: Quake Champions Weapons Overview
Posted @ 13:53 GMT 9 Mar 2017
I'm hoping they only said that because the rl can be effective at both close and
Re: Quakecon 2016 Day 3: Finals
Posted @ 04:38 GMT 8 Aug 2016
I'm happy I had the chance to see this incredible final in person. There was a
Re: Quake Live's Next Update and Beyond
Posted @ 02:09 GMT 1 Aug 2015
Maybe there's a chance they will patch Q4 then. Ramp Jumping is too strong.
Re: Quake is Cowardly
Posted @ 15:39 GMT 12 Jun 2015
I agree with the article. Too many Quake players don't really want a new game
Re: Which Quake has your favourite movem
Posted @ 18:10 GMT 25 Dec 2013
Most people that are voting haven't played all of these games, at least not exte
Re: Why you didn't play?Why you not love
Posted @ 04:11 GMT 14 Nov 2013
Despite it's problems it was still a good game and I enjoyed it while it lasted.
Re: DHW: The First Players & Map pool
Posted @ 18:11 GMT 3 Oct 2013
I would like to see silence in place of cure. I don't think cure is that good.
Re: Nightmare - Teaser
Posted @ 02:32 GMT 26 Sep 2013
Why did they ever change the announcement sounds in QL? The voice sounds so muc
Re: A new FPS game currently in developm
Posted @ 04:46 GMT 9 Sep 2013
Do you want to make a competitive 1v1 game or are you focusing more on team play
Re: Let's have some ammo discussion
Posted @ 13:14 GMT 8 Sep 2013
I don't think it's been talked about enough. Most of the discussion was about hi
Re: Let's have some ammo discussion
Posted @ 02:37 GMT 8 Sep 2013
In QL I don't feel like you need to think enough about what you're using your am
Re: Quake 5: what improvements do you wa
Posted @ 22:45 GMT 2 Sep 2013
Q4 gradually got faster over time. With 1.3 they had it at the right speed. Wh
Re: Quake 5: what improvements do you wa
Posted @ 22:55 GMT 1 Sep 2013
I don't think there will be a Q5 anytime in the next 5 years. What I would like
Re: QuakeCon 2013 - Day 2
Posted @ 22:36 GMT 2 Aug 2013
Re: Painkiller: HD Competitive?
Posted @ 14:13 GMT 16 Jul 2013
It was already released in 2004. The original game with pk++ is a much better c
Re: Q3A vs. QL
Posted @ 23:06 GMT 1 Jul 2013
The strafe jumping is not technically harder, but you do need to strafe a little
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