Ben Kuchera, of The Penny Arcade Report, sat down with id Software's Tim Willits at QuakeCon 2012 to discuss Doom, Rage, and lessons learned.

John Carmack kicked off his 2012 QuakeCon keynote by apologizing for Rage. He candidly discussed the driver issues, the marketing challenges, and the end of the game itself, which he characterized as being “not very good.” It was a conversation you rarely see from someone as powerful as Carmack, and it seemed to pull the crowd to his side from the first moments of the speech. It didn’t make everyone happy, however.

“I wanted to strangle him. It’s QuakeCon! Everyone fucking loves Rage here, shut up!” Tim Willits, the creative direct of id Software, told me in an interview the next day. He was laughing, and seemed to take it in stride, but still. Everyone in the room knew this was going to be a big story. “You don’t think everyone in the audience knows that ATI released the wrong drivers? Dude, zip it!”

Source: The PA Report, Google Cache