is less cool than quake :(

This is what I dislike in this game :
- slow railgun reload
- charged "rockets" (we can call them rockets, it's more like a mixture of a slow plasmagun and rocket launcher)
- no brightskins
- no zoom (except in certain area but it's crap :D)
- weird netcode (someone told me they use the same netcode than trackmania :D, a racing-game)
- unstable fps (I have it capped at 120 but most of the time I'm at a low 100ish, everything set to low and faster)
- you can't see your ping
- not so good scoreboard (more information like accuracies etc would be appreciated)
- slow railgun vs slow plasmagun, tends to get boring pretty quickly
- when one guy on your team is attacking, you have to wait and spectate, it destroys the momemtum
- the movement system lacks some depth, it's too easy and the stamina bar can be annoying at times
- it doesn't have any shaft-like weapon
- only 1 environment

Man, I guess I'm gonna try warsow 0.7 when it will be at final stage and go back to my leet team akak [L!N], best wsw clan ever :D. Btw, they removed the ammo system, now you only have strong ammos :), just like in CPM.