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Full Name:  Kevin 'strenx' Baeza alt account
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Frag movies I've been in:

The Rush - en3rgy
Broken 2 Trailer - iToxicity (dm4 flick rail)
Showdown - Domino
Momentum - Kripp
Impression 2 - power3 (rocket at 4:21)
PixelBeat - Hell5pawn

still hoping and praying that shaolin productions make a get quaked live ;D

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Re: Favorite US mass shooting so far?
Posted @ 21:32 GMT 19 Nov 2017
Sorry for the necro, but on a tangent and for anyone interested at seeing what i
Re: DFWC2017 - Announcement and a Teaser
Posted @ 12:51 GMT 30 Oct 2017
either him or OLIsKILLz who made [url=
Re: 'Reflections' with DaHanG
Posted @ 22:16 GMT 22 Oct 2017
Waiting for 'reflections' with strenx plz
Re: Help me get set up for my movie-maki
Posted @ 12:42 GMT 15 Oct 2017
don't think so and even if it did, I think the visuals on ql are smoother but it
Re: Help me get set up for my movie-maki
Posted @ 09:46 GMT 15 Oct 2017
I see you edited this part out '>Daddy >Harambe memes >Lives with his parent
Re: Leaving by FarnisH
Posted @ 22:14 GMT 14 Oct 2017
really good movie! - rocket trails (looks a bit tacky imo) doesn't stop it
Help me get set up for my movie-making goals!
Posted @ 20:06 GMT 14 Oct 2017
wagwan. I've made a few of these types of threads before but I keep pushing b
Re: qualified for DreamHack
Posted @ 19:43 GMT 14 Oct 2017
best of luck niggaman, I mean megaman...D:
Re: dorftrottel skins and textures by KO
Posted @ 19:32 GMT 14 Oct 2017
yeh does anyone have a link to these? want to use the weapon textures and maybe
Re: ESWC announces a Quake Champions Due
Posted @ 17:41 GMT 12 Oct 2017
why is this dogshit game getting attention? can't we just go back to q3?
Re: Jumping around (CPMA)
Posted @ 23:42 GMT 11 Oct 2017
would be interesting to see 3:09 from the first-person perspective.
Re: CPM Movie
Posted @ 12:08 GMT 8 Oct 2017
great frags, although I agree with funnyb that flickrails that aren't necessary
Re: Autumn Duel Cup best frag competitio
Posted @ 22:43 GMT 7 Oct 2017
was Fjoggs in Shaolin Productions? video quality is sublime.
Re: Sombra banned for life
Posted @ 14:37 GMT 2 Oct 2017
potato was best post I've seen on this site. even better than entry 36.
Re: Sombra banned for life
Posted @ 14:35 GMT 2 Oct 2017
c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker, motherfucker!
Re: n1k summer cup
Posted @ 16:21 GMT 9 Sep 2017
video quality (as in visuals) is utterly immense. first run by boss was unreal.
Re: QWC 2017 Funny and Awkward moments
Posted @ 20:40 GMT 31 Aug 2017
probably the most awkward part of the whole video lol
Buying and selling on ebay for a living
Posted @ 10:30 GMT 30 Aug 2017
Anyone here know how to do this professionally? If so (and even if not) where wo
Re: The true star of this year's Wimbled
Posted @ 18:02 GMT 5 Aug 2017
she's really not that hot imo...not that i could do better.
Re: Horror and british comedy suggestion
Posted @ 17:55 GMT 5 Aug 2017
horror: scream scream 3 the exorcist se7en saw saw 2 28 days later ali
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