Hey there.

As a Shootmania player myself - and an actual Combo player, unlike most SM players who chose Elite - I was wondering: since ESR apparently hates Elite for it's simplicity and boring gameplay with no tactical depth, what would ESR think about Combo?

Has anyone played it here? It's a quake-ish 2on2 mode introducing the pickup system. It's quake-ish, and not quake-like since several mechanics work significantly differently, but it still somehow resembles the quake playstyle. You can see how it works right here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nx9x3gjxcA8

It would be interesting to know if any quake players actually played it and what do they think about it. I do not consider myself a quake player (despite playing q3 for 500 hours :P) but I play Combo competitively since some time and I find it fun. Definitely something unique and different from dull gameplay that Elite provides.

My friend has actually started working on a Combo 1on1 mode that would be imitating Quake duel kind of gameplay on the Shootmania movement/pickup system so any feedback would be cool :)