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Big announcement (14 comments)
Posted by tom @ 20:48 CDT, 14 September 2022 - iMsg
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One liners from your gaming internets (66 comments)
Posted by tom @ 16:45 CDT, 29 October 2017 - iMsg
In this thread post short 1 liners or statements from games and communities of your present or past without any context. Just 'cause...


"45 degree pummel exploitation"
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Silent Running (17 comments)
Posted by tom @ 10:18 CST, 10 March 2017 - iMsg

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Rating: 9.7 (31 votes)
Youtube user power_of_heavy_metal once again shows everyone how to make a Q3 Defrag movie.

Run-time of over 1hr 25minutes with nothing but moves and music.

Clean, simple, fast. Enjoy
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Dangers of AI TED talk. (139 comments)
Posted by tom @ 09:56 CDT, 5 October 2016 - iMsg
People either think this is spot on or ridiculous.. Thoughts?

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lol 9% (30 comments)
Posted by tom @ 10:06 CDT, 17 March 2015 - iMsg
Welcome ESReality ....

we meat again ... Krogoth is still the master ...

you don't know the power of taktic and memorie ...

do you forget to celebrate our famous internets post? ....

it is 10 years old today ...

let me remember you ....
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lol 9% (No comments)
Posted by tom @ 09:37 CDT, 15 March 2015 - iMsg
Welcome ESReality ....

we meat again ... Krogoth is still the master ...

you don't know the power of taktic and memorie ...

do you forget to celebrate our famous internets post? ....

it is 10 years old today ...

let me remember you ....
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I made a timelapse video (37 comments)
Posted by tom @ 23:19 CST, 18 February 2015 - iMsg
first try making one of these. check 'er out

how the f do i embed vimeo on esr?
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When were you introduced to quake? (213 comments)
Posted by tom @ 11:52 CDT, 20 August 2014 - iMsg
1997-1999: 36% (169)

2000-2005: 22% (103)

1996 baby!: 20% (93)

2006-2010: 15% (70)

2011-noob: 7.4% (35)

I don't qwake: 0.4% (2)

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hiphop gaming league (10 comments)
Posted by tom @ 12:40 CDT, 29 March 2014 - iMsg
guys whre do i signup to play snooplion at basketball?
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dark souls 2 (24 comments)
Posted by tom @ 20:20 CDT, 15 March 2014 - iMsg
anyone have this on console or waiting for the pc release? im on ps3 and just finished first boss. put in about 6hrs so far. am i alone?
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Let me tell you about my movie (145 comments)
Posted by tom @ 13:42 CDT, 10 March 2014 - iMsg

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Rating: 8.6 (138 votes)
Purple Keel is a Q3 CPM movie i've been working on for about 3 weeks.

CPM is smooth and fast. That's what this movie is supposed to be. Captured at 50fps and first person only. I asked for demos, nice people sent them to me. I wanted to make a simple movie that was about the frags matched to a good beat. Nothing too fancy, no gimmicks, no BS. I hope you like it.

Keep it real keep it Keel.

Links: Internet gaming movie database entry
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tom's cpm frag request for movie (12 comments)
Posted by tom @ 11:20 CST, 19 February 2014 - iMsg
yo ima make a new cpm frag movie. it'll be short n sweet. spiritual successor to midget but a bit more chill. you want in? you send me frags. duel is cool. tdm frags, especially quad/bs runs etc. ctf is cool too if good flagrun or holyshit etc. none of this DMing in mid @ ctf type frags. no need.

contact me @ irc in #uscpmpickup or imsg me for an email or upload them suckers right here.

i promise it'll be solid

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callvote map cpm1a (24 comments)
Posted by tom @ 21:14 CST, 6 February 2014 - iMsg
1a best. post ggs
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Which Quake has your favourite movement (108 comments)
Posted by tom @ 09:12 CST, 21 December 2013 - iMsg
Quake Live: 33% (83)

Quake 3 CPM: 32% (80)

Quake 3: 13% (32)

Quake 4: 10% (26)

Quake World: 6.4% (16)

Quake 2: 4.8% (12)

Inspired by bitching in the Reflex thread.
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Help with CPM config (6 comments)
Posted by tom @ 16:29 CST, 15 December 2013 - iMsg

I play on an older laptop because that's all i have right now. my ping sucks, which is fine, but more importantly so do my FPS. Afaik i have everything on the lowest detail but i still can only get 125fps on smaller, older maps like 3a,22 etc. Any TDM or CTF maps or even pukka3 i hover around 90fps or lower in battle It sucks. I've uploaded my cfg. If someone could run their eye over it and see if i'm missing something easy to help with my problem please let me know as this kinda sucks.

laptop specs are:
duel core T4300 2.1ghz
4gig RAM
onboard GFX card (this is clearly the problem)

Even though i have onboard gfx you would think that running picmip 16 and lowest settings i should be able to get 125fps steady? no? Maybe not.

Advice is super welcome.
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HAL_9000 -vs- gellehsak (38 comments)
Posted by tom @ 11:01 CST, 25 November 2013 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 9.5 (9 votes)
Gametype: Duel
Map: N/A
Mod: CPMA cpm
Viewpoint: followkiller
How to play back Q3 demos

Seeming as no-one is making a demo pack yet here's a great matchup from losersbracket(?) CPM Masters.
Order is 15, 24, 3a
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q3 movie question (2 comments)
Posted by tom @ 16:26 CST, 18 November 2013 - iMsg

lets say i wanted to make a cpm movie, with a cpm hud etc basically all first person. how would i best go about this? its been a long time and i remember q3mme being annoying.
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ATTN: SYNCERROR (3 comments)
Posted by tom @ 20:22 CDT, 13 September 2013 - iMsg
how are you?
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post a fragmovie (23 comments)
Posted by tom @ 16:20 CDT, 11 June 2013 - iMsg
most fragmovies these days are streamable. post a good movie you like. i just went through my old hard-drive and found bunch i forgot all about.

this shit is 10 years old. the frags are so average by today's standards... it's funny to see how the game has progressed

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Calling all old UT99 players!!!!!!! (6 comments)
Posted by tom @ 20:32 CDT, 29 March 2013 - iMsg
Hello old people. This is a long shot but about 10 fkn years ago or more I made a shit UT99 CTF movie called something like 'XLV The MOVIE'. Does anyone happen to have this utter piece of garbage on their computer or backup? I would love to watch this total trainwreck of a movie again but I can't find it anywhere. Can YOU help?

Thanks dudes!
4515 Hits invite (37 comments)
Posted by tom @ 00:37 CDT, 15 March 2013 - iMsg
ah, esr, my last (and only) resort.

does anyone have a invite? waffles has been down for ages.

also, hello hows it going
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made using my fingers and a computer.mp3 (36 comments)
Posted by tom @ 14:10 CDT, 9 August 2011 - iMsg
electronic music is stupid. someone has a great idea, works on it and creates a sound. somebody uses that idea to create their own take and the progression begins. for a while everything is great and there's this new music that is different to what everyones been listening to since this last happened. more and more people pick up on it and then some producer makes a record that is good enough to hit the mainstream and become a success. radio plays & interviews, world tour bookings the lot. at the same time the sound spreads worldwide and everybody and their grandmother is taking 'lock stock and 2 smoking barrels' quotes and putting it to a beat. the whole thing gets watered down and you have to shift through shit to find gold. but it's still there, and it's good.

i made a new mix of some good stuff, maybe you'll like it:

p.s. it's dubstep with a pinch of techno

there are a bunch of other mixes i made @ some old some new

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Post your favourite electronic musics (47 comments)
Posted by tom @ 11:59 CDT, 3 August 2011 - iMsg
oh hey

if you're a hater don't waste your time because we all know how
a) repetitive it is
b) easy it is to make
c) shitty gay faggoty trash that was cool back in 1995 til all the dubheadz blahblah cause its blahblahblah

in this thread post a few of your loved tracks for others to listen to. don't spam 15 shitty gabba tracks on one post that we all have to scroll over (p0rt), just keep it a few tracks per post or whatever. even write a bit about each one if you're feeling especially spergy.



bit of a crime posting something this in low quality. The bass sounds so much better in HQ but whatever, it's a killer track. shackleton makes great dark 'bass driven' music but this is his best for sure. i even have 2 copies on vinyl.. just incase.

robert hood has been around forever and is still a master of his craft. hypnotic, progressive, trippy techno at it's very finest

straight outa '94 when drum and bass was the shit. i used to listen to my sister play this stuff when i was a youngun' and i guess it suck with me. features the only MC i know that can sing a tune.

finally something in HD. i don't know anybody that makes tracks like this with such 'emotion'. listening to a burial album is like a journey. he makes vocals that sound like a mix of euphoria and sadness at the same time. here's a great interview with the fella after his first album release: (i recommend listening to his music while reading it ofc)

your turn
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tommy's pictures 10/11 (No comments)
Posted by tom @ 10:58 CDT, 11 May 2011 - iMsg
not winter:

the changing of the seasons


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fsdsfd (No comments)
Posted by tom @ 23:20 CST, 4 December 2010 - iMsg
ey some pictures from the summer months here in canada


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to dezje, (15 comments)
Posted by tom @ 21:17 CDT, 23 August 2010 - iMsg
our friend. rest in peace, in the chillest place possible. our boat will never be the same. you were the coolest, most chill guy.

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consoles r 4 fagz (6 comments)
Posted by tom @ 19:30 CDT, 29 July 2010 - iMsg
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so you like ELECTRONIC MUSIC eh? (86 comments)
Posted by tom @ 22:56 CDT, 2 June 2010 - iMsg
no? then you won't like this

kinda throwing a bunch of 'dubtronica' genres into 1 mix

girl unit - shade on
instra:mental - tramma
sbtrkt - rundown
scuba - tense
the streets - blinded by the lights (nero mix)
zomby - rumours & revolutions
breakage - together
nit grit - babylon
von d + dj madd - its over
kyptic minds & youngsta - cold blooded
emika - double take (pinch mix)
headhunter - prototype (modeselektor mix)
dark sky - something to lose
crystal fighters - i love london (brackles mix)
dj madd - detroit skank
starkey - black monolith

maybe you like maybe you dont
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Winter 09/10 (49 comments)
Posted by tom @ 21:45 CDT, 13 May 2010 - iMsg
Pics for kicks. Most fullsize can be seen here: flickr
All taken at or around Nelson, BC, Canada by me

Not winter but Autumn

Nearly Winter


A bit better & bigger @ Flickr

Fernie, BC

my good friend aggnog.. the one and only

then in march i broke my collarbone but it got super warm so wasn't so upset

..but come mid-april it started snowing like fucking crazy.. luckily i was pretty much healed and the mountain was open for one more weekend

I am extremely luckily to live here. There is nothing more satisfying than hiking for your turns and getting away from the crowds.

spending time with your friends away from everything

and then reaping the reward

peace ooot
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journal and photos (37 comments)
Posted by tom @ 04:10 CDT, 9 August 2009 - iMsg

i haven't really updated my journal in forever. sometimes i like to do it just because it's fun to write it down, and perhaps some people might get a kick out of the photos. of course this journal is about me. if you're not interested then i obviously understand so go somewhere else. please excuse my poor english.

i think the last time i posted something was last summer. since then a lot of stuff has happened. i was in nelson, bc, canada and had met my lovely girlfriend, spent the most fantastic winter snowboarding 3-4 days a week and worked in the little outdoor clothing store i managed to land a job at with great people. life was perfect!

Ymir Peak, Whitewater ski resort.

a friend standing at the ridgeline, after an 1hr walk with snowshoes and gear on our back.

dropped.. sadly it has hard to do this justice. but we were dropping into a small bowl below us and then down a gully (shoot) back to the main resort. it was quite scary because the snow was very sloughy, which means that it slides as soon as you ride over it. if you were to badly get caught underneath it would take you down with it essentially causing a minor avalanche. here it was pretty safe with the trees surrounding us.

for me the season was about learning and later on exploration (plus next year some proper photography - sorry). snowboarding in canada makes you feel inferior because the locals have been on snow since before they can walk, it's ingrained into their way of life. i was just glad to be 'riding' and to see it come on leaps and bounds quickly to a level that i am really proud of. as the season progressed i met many friends and with this was able to throw my board on my bag and put some snowshoes on and go explore with them.

Being in the mountains is my passion and to be out there in an untouched winter wonderland with a friend or 5 is just magic. sometimes the sun will be blasting on a clear blue sky if you all stand still you can't hear a thing, the snow just deadens all sound. other times the snow will be whipping in your face so hard you can hardly see infront of you and the powder so deep underneath it's up to your knees blasting you in the face with every turn.

a few photos o' me:

and a few i took:

well anyway. the season was fantastic and at the start of april it came to an end (with me giving myself the only bad injury of the year; a light concussion on the last day - great).

Before i knew it May had come around and i had to leave Canada... my 1 year one-time-only work visa had expired. Long before the start of the new year i knew i'd be returning to move here permanently....

I hopped on a plane out of Calgary after leaving Nelson and emptying my lovely little home, fighting with my landlords over owed money (assholes), saying goodbye to all the great people i'd met and sights i lived around. and of course my girly.

It's not til you leave the home you grew up in that you then really learn to appreciate it. or at least that's the way it is in my case. when i'm away i see these pictures of the green english countryside, it's rough coastlines or it's modest yet striking mountains and i get pretty nostalgic and i forget that there really isn't anywhere like it in the world...

well it was pretty cool to be back in amongst that again for a little while

and of course i got to see my 4-legged homie again

i desperately wanted to get back to canada asap but had no funds and this was when the ECONOMIC CRISIS was front page news everywhere, therefore i figured i'd be scrubbing dishes for months just to afford a plane ticket. but once again i got lucky.. my old employer who i had vowed never to go back to (this will be about the 5th time and hopefully the last) granted me a 3month contract doing horrible database work... i took it in an instant.

in june/july my girlfriend came out to visit for 3 weeks. probably the best 3 weeks of weather we've had in england for years too. it was funny to see her reaction as a small town mountain girl experiencing the M25 for the first time. we spent a couple of weeks at home and one fantastic week in scotland at one of my favourite places in the world: applecross. i recommend it to anyone.

i also had a fantastic day out with my best friend on the toughest ridge around on the mountain called Liathach. Below is him with it behind but i didnt manage to get any showing it's pointedness (is that a word?), it didnt really come out that well.

top left

looking back on the route.

and then she went home...

so i have 1 month til i fly back to canada. i'm pretty fed up being back. i have to get through immigration at canada (which i think i've figured out) because it's a bit suspect coming back so soon after a work visa. and then we have to figure out how i can get a permanent residency. there are 2 options; either live with my girlfriend for 1 year (and getting a visitor visa extension excepted) and then applying for her to sponsor me which can take up to 2 years without me working through 'common-law' or..... get married.....

.... you really never know what lifes going to throw at your sometimes.

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Welsh pizza (33 comments)
Posted by tom @ 15:50 CDT, 6 May 2009 - iMsg
ah...wait....ah... sorry
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Britain, bring on the 'summer of rage' (10 comments)
Posted by tom @ 21:03 CST, 3 March 2009 - iMsg

To politicians, we're little more than meaningless blobs on a monitor. Bring on the summer of rage

We're the ants in their garden. The bacteria in their stools. Politicians have nothing but contempt for us

Any abusive relationship tends to end with a long, slow phase of mounting disappointment followed by a sudden, irreversible snapping point. The descent to rock bottom may take years but when you get there, the force of impact still shocks, and it's precisely this shock that gives you the strength to walk away. Take smoking, for instance. You can light up for years, hating yourself and the habit a little bit more with each accumulated puff, yet remain hopelessly locked in nicotine's pointless embrace, until one day you find yourself scrabbling through the kitchen bin, picking potato peelings off a dog end because it's 11pm and the shops are closed and GOD YOU NEED A FAG . . . when you catch sight of your sorry junkie-arsed reflection in the shiny bin lid and undergo an epiphany of self-disgust, vowing to quit there and then.

I bring this up because I suspect that across the country, people are undergoing similar epiphanies every day. Not about cigarettes, but politicians. My personal snapping point was reached last week, at the precise moment Jack Straw announced the government was vetoing the Information Tribunal's order for the release of cabinet minutes relating to that whole invasion-of-Iraq thing. Come on, you remember Iraq: that little foreign policy blip millions of us protested against to absolutely zero avail, because Straw and his pals figured they knew best, even though it turned out they didn't and - oops! - hundreds of thousands of lives were lost as a result. Remember the footage of that screaming little boy with his limbs blown off? Maybe not. Maybe you felt a shiver of guilt when you saw that; guilt that you hadn't personally done enough to prevent it; should've shouted louder, marched further. Or maybe it stunned you into numbness. Because what was the point in protesting any more? These people do what they want.

They do what they want, these people, and you and I are cut out of the conversation. I'm sure they're dimly aware we still exist. They must spot us occasionally, through the window, jumping up and down in the cold with our funny placards . . . although come to think of it, they can't even see us through the window, since they banned peaceful protest within a mile of Parliament.

Instead they pick us up on a monitor, courtesy of one of the 15bn CCTV cameras that scrutinise our every move in the name of security. On the screen you're nothing but a tiny monochrome blob; two-dimensional and faceless. And that's just how they like it.

Straw and co blocked the release of the minutes, claiming that to actually let us know what was going on would set a dangerous precedent that would harm good government. Ministers wouldn't speak frankly at cabinet meetings if they felt their discussions would be subjected to the sort of scrutiny that, say, our every waking move is. In other words, they'd be more worried about the press coverage they'd get than the strength of their arguments.

Well, boo hoo. Surely craven pussies like that shouldn't be governing anyway?

Having pissed in the public's face, Straw went on to shake the final drips down its nose, writing a defence of the government's civil liberties record in this paper in which he claimed "talk of Britain sliding into a police state is daft scaremongering, but even were it true there is a mechanism to prevent it - democratic elections . . .

People have the power to vote out administrations which they believe are heavy-handed." Thanks, Jacksy - can I call you Jacksy? - but who the hell are we supposed to vote in? Despite a bit of grumbling, the Tories supported the veto. Because they wouldn't want cabinet minutes published either.

It's all over. The politicians have finally shut us out of their game for good and we have nowhere left to turn. We're not part of their world any more. We don't even speak the same language. We're the ants in their garden. The bacteria in their stools. They have nothing but contempt for us. They snivel and lie and duck questions on torture - on torture, for Christ's sake - while demanding we respect their authority. They monitor our every belch and fart, and insist it's all for our own good.

Straw wrote, "If people were angels there would be no need for government . . . But sadly people are not all angels." That rather makes it sound as though he believes politicians aren't mere people. Maybe they're the gods of Olympus. Maybe that's why they're in charge.

Thing is, they could get away with this bullshit while times were good, while people were comfortable enough to ignore what was happening; when people were focusing on plasma TVs and iPods and celebrity gossip instead of what the politicians were doing - not because they're stupid, but because they know a closed shop when they see one. But now it looks as if those times are at an end, and more and more of us are pulling the dreampipes from the back of our skulls, undergoing a negative epiphany; blinking into the cold light of day.

Consequently the police are preparing for a "summer of rage". To the powers that be, that probably just means more tiny monochrome blobs jumping up and down on the long-distance monitor for their amusement. Should it turn out to be more visceral than that, they'll have no one to blame but themselves.
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Does kgb cheat? (178 comments)
Posted by tom @ 10:48 CST, 3 March 2009 - iMsg
No way! Shut up clan519: 56% (100)

I can't decide! (don't care): 32% (58)

Yes, for sure!: 12% (21)

Let's settle this
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cha0ticz/hoens -vs- plague/whaz (8 comments)
Posted by tom @ 10:26 CST, 21 February 2009 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.3 (2 votes)
Gametype: TDM 2v2
Map: N/A
Mod: CPMA cq3
Viewpoint: mvd
How to play back Q3 demos

>> 68638-demoss.rar <<
(9513KB, 456 DLs)

Awesome 3rd place playoff of Frag Dominant. Wheat's casting is here. q3dm6 & q3dm7
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walter/kgb -vs- griffin/blt (41 comments)
Posted by tom @ 10:04 CST, 21 February 2009 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.3 (3 votes)
Gametype: TDM 2v2
Map: N/A
Mod: CPMA cq3
Viewpoint: MVD
How to play back Q3 demos

>> 68635-demos.rar <<
(5081KB, 286 DLs)

Finals of FragDominant. Not great games but its so you can see for yourself the amazing array of cheats walter and kgb are almost certainly not using.
Wheats casting is here

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Post your favourite music video (88 comments)
Posted by tom @ 21:49 CST, 4 November 2008 - iMsg
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Summer in BC, Canada + a new Dubstep mix (54 comments)
Posted by tom @ 15:24 CDT, 30 October 2008 - iMsg
Hey friends!

This is a journal type journal for those that might care. If you're not interested then that's totally cool and i guess you can just skip it :)

Well winter is nigh on here. Summer has gone really quickly, but at the same time my Nepal trip back in March seems like a distant memory. I'm super pleased because i've managed to find myself a really nice place to live with a great roommate in a town called Nelson, in British Columbia. I've landed the perfect job in an outdoor clothing store, selling Hiking/Ski clothing etc, which is pretty cruisey and chill, even though i'm not really a good salesperson.

My summer has been great, I didn't work for the first month or two when I first arrived in town, most of it was spent chilling out in the great weather. I managed to go to the most increadible 6 day rave/festival called Shambhala (I'm determinted to make it back there next year, even if I'm in England) in the mountains not far from here and saw some insane acts like Skream & Bonobo with some really cool people. It was one of the best times i've ever had, Canadians really know how to throw a party. All in all it's great, i'm now waiting for winter to arrive so i can rip it up gnarly style on my board! In the meantime here's a few pictures from over Summer/Autumn.


My little house is just behind the bit of beach to the right of the bridge. Really nice location.

Walking to work along the lakeside in the a.m. The weather here is ridiculous, it hardly rains and there are so many clear blue sky days.

Lakeside, just outside my house.


101 generic light tracer shot on the bridge.

Baker street, which is the main drag in town and where I work. There are so many trees, it looks beautiful in Autumn>
There is a railway track right outside my house. Trains in this country are fucking long man.. They go on forever when they wake you up at 4am.

Autumn is great here.

We went up to the local ski-hill called Whitewater a couple of times over the summer. It looks really sweet, with loads of back-country etc. I've managed to somehow afford to land my season pass nice and early too!

Anyway, you can check out a bunch of other photos on my facebook gallery. I haven't got round to Flickr yet, i can only really keep track of one thing at a time. I'm really hoping to do a lot of photography over winter, i've been a bit lazy through summer.

Insipired by the acts at Shambhala i've landed myself a copy of Ableton and been mixing up my favourite dubstep tracks just to listen to when i'm walking to work and stuff and because it's really great fun. Thank god for Waffles. You can check out my newest one here. I've tried to incorporate all different sub-genres within dubstep because i get bored of the same sorta stuff for 40minutes. I know it's not nearly as skilled as the real deal, but it's the closest i can get right now.

Well enough from me. Now I just have to figure out how to stay in this country for longer, because I really really don't want to live in England anymore, even though I miss parts of it.

Peace from .ca, homies

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excelloSpartie -vs- SeriousRazerCypher (16 comments)
Posted by tom @ 22:25 CDT, 26 October 2008 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 9.5 (10 votes)
Gametype: Duel
Map: N/A
Mod: Challenge ProMode Arena
Viewpoint: Spartie
How to play back Q3 demos

spartie pov. both maps in 1 demo.

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cl_avidemo in CPMA (17 comments)
Posted by tom @ 14:39 CDT, 22 October 2008 - iMsg

cl_avidemo in CPMA currently captures all images in TGA format. I have a problem that means if i capture in tga i get random black images half the time. This is due to antialiasing on my gfx card but sadly i have no way of controlling/changing that on my laptop. The only way round this is for me to capture in JPEG. I can of course do this in Q3 MME but i really want to use the CPMA hud, as MME's is super shit. Is there a way round this? It can't be that hard to enable jpeg capturing can it? I also do not want to capture with the /video feature for various reasons.

I'm dying to make a VQ3 movie from this year's games :/
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Thievery Corporation - Radio Retaliation (3 comments)
Posted by tom @ 16:28 CDT, 2 October 2008 - iMsg

I don't think I know many bands that consistantly put out great albums over and over apart from TC. Everything they release is solid and this RR is no exeption. If you haven't heard of them before but like trip-hop such as Massive Attack, Bonobo etc then grab a copy. 'Beautiful Drug' is the coolest track i've heard in a while. The whole thing has been pretty much on repeat for a week.
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NA cpma vq3 duels (12 comments)
Posted by tom @ 19:47 CDT, 29 September 2008 - iMsg
Yo does anyone happen to have some good NA ips for duels? I'm in canada so the further north the better. I've found a few public ones but sometimes i have to idle for hours before someone joins, and even then the skill level is even worse than mine. And if anyone fancies a few games contact me on #esreality.
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Weird 'lag' with Q3 on my laptop (11 comments)
Posted by tom @ 13:19 CDT, 22 September 2008 - iMsg
I've recently bought a mouse so i could play some Q3 on my laptop. It runs like shit and i can only just manage 125fps sporadically on dm6 with picmip 16. This doesn't really bother me as it's still playable. The real problem is that the further into a match i play, the less responsive my laptop becomes. An example of this is stair jumping. When i first start i game i can slam jump as i run up stairs as much as possible and the computer responds to the command, but after perhaps 5-10minutes of play, my keyboard won't register one jump. The game just becomes more and more sluggish the longer i play.

This also applies to weapon change, i can press the plasma key and it will appear perhaps 1-2 seconds later, even though i have a low ping. (I'm using Q for plasma, whilst my movement is WASD - maybe the close proximity to buttons that are being held down all the time may have something to do with it?)

I've tried enabling only one core but it doesn't change anything. Perhaps some memory issue?

I'm on a 2.1 dual core, 3gig memory, an intel graphics card and i'm playing on servers that i ping fine to.

Sorry for the ramble. Any ideas?
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Athens: The return of Toxic & Stermy? (159 comments)
Posted by tom @ 12:27 CDT, 18 September 2008 - iMsg
ESWC Athens has not only suprised us all with another Quake3 tournament, but it will also possibly witness the return of arguably the two strongest Quake4 players in history to their original game. SK Gaming reports that although both players have signed up no commitment will be made to attend by Toxic until he learns what monitors are to be used, whilst Stermy admits missing 1v1 competitions in an interview with Carmac.
Why have you signed up for Athens?

stermy: I signed up hoping they will be using Quake Live already for this event. I really want to play in some FPS 1v1 tournaments again and unfortunately I did not have this opportunity in the past year because of lacking of tournaments and schedule conflicts between the CGS and other events.

As soon as I got back from the US this August I started playing QuakeLive and I'm definitely enjoying it so far so I was just waiting for a big tournament to come up. Unfortunately I don’t know if this ESWC Masters in Athens will be Quake 3 CPMA or Quake Live already.

source SK Gaming SK Gaming
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Oh for fuck's sake Ali! (4 comments)
Posted by tom @ 19:10 CDT, 7 September 2008 - iMsg
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Who will one day win a big tournament ? (55 comments)
Posted by tom @ 22:22 CDT, 31 August 2008 - iMsg
Jibo: 23% (61)

rapha: 20% (53)

fox: 13% (34)

vo0: 11% (28)

None of them: 10% (27)

k1llsen: 9.6% (25)

noctis: 9.2% (24)

nike: 3.4% (9)

Who, if anyone, do you think will win a big international vq3/QL tournament? Or are they all just going to be stuck in the chasing pack?
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A good ol' 'post your desktop' thread (190 comments)
Posted by tom @ 23:17 CDT, 28 August 2008 - iMsg

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Who will win ESWC? (3 comments)
Posted by tom @ 22:17 CDT, 25 August 2008 - iMsg
Cypher: 43% (158)

rapha: 14% (52)

RazerJ: 12% (45)

k1llsen: 11% (42)

fox: 6.7% (25)

ZeRo4: 6.5% (24)

czm: 5.6% (21)

chance: 1.3% (5)

Cooller had an epic win against ZeRo4 yet lost to lesser known chance, vo0 still hasn't made it into the top elite, rapha forced Cypher into a /quit and neither noctis, matr0x, if-22 or dkt advance. After a first day with some insane games, suprise results and a few upsets we're left with eight hopefuls! Who is your top3 in what could ultimately be the final major Quake3 tournament!?
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Video games at the Olympics? (162 comments)
Posted by tom @ 12:54 CDT, 16 August 2008 - iMsg
Many of us have been following the Olympics. And as usual when this sort of thing rolls round gamers cry out that there's no reason as to why video games aren't featured among the most prolific sports in the world.

Well known British comedian Dom Joly has written a short article for The Independent stating just that. He also makes some arguments against having such sports as football and tennis at the tournament.
And I'm not joking about video gaming either – with the advent of online gaming, hundreds of millions of people are already involved in vast virtual worldwide competitions and the possibilities for games are endless. What big difference is there between someone squeezing the trigger on an air pistol and a button on their joystick?

I would even venture that the skills and training needed to get to the top level in a video game like, say Call of Duty 4 are far superior to those required of an air pistol "athlete".
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Re: Canada + tom's little dubstep mix (No comments)
Posted by tom @ 19:30 CDT, 25 July 2008 - iMsg
how can i improve it? i know the mixing itself isnt up to much :/
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Canada + tom's little dubstep mix (46 comments)
Posted by tom @ 18:54 CDT, 23 July 2008 - iMsg

For those that might care here i've been in Canada now for just over two months. Times gone pretty fast - I spent 2 or so weeks in Calgary/Lethbridge with relatives then made a spontanious decision to fly out to Ottawa on the otherside of the country to spend a week with some old friends. The flight gave me an idea of the scale of the country, 4 more hours and I would have pretty much been home!

Well anyway, I hung out with those guys for a week sleeping on a couch outside on their balcony which overlooked Ottawa. I'm really not a big city person but Ottawa is very green and has a huge crop research farm in the middle of the city, which is kinda weird.

My Bed/Couch for the week

I flew back to Calgary, spent a little more time with my relatives and decided that it was time i got my ass in gear and got on with finding somewhere in British Columbia to live, after all by now i'd been in the country for a month or so.

Two days out of Calgary, I end up in Nelson. Nelson is famous for two things; snow and being the weed growing capital of North America. Anyway in Nepal I spent about a week trekking with a guy from this town, he told me about how beautiful it is and how epic the snow can get etc and said I should swing by and put it on my itinerary. Well 1 month on and i'm still here.

Spent the first 2-3 weeks in an awesome hostel and met a load of people, partied, explored the town, met up with my friend from Nepal etc. It didn't take me long at all to realise this is where I wanted to settle. Accommodation is natoriously hard to find around here, and luckily I teamed up with a friend at the hostel, who was also looking for somewhere. After a week we managed to find ourselves an awesome place right on the beach (the town is on a huge lake). So here I am, still looking for a job. I've been really fussy so far, but i've figured i'm going to have to just get any old shit in the meantime and look for something better to turn up. Hopefully i can find something on the ski-hill for the winter.

Anyway that was an epic monologue with hardly any photos because I forgot my camera in fucking Calgary.

The past few days I haven't had Internet and to entertain myself when I'm not being blasted by the 35deg temperatures, i've been trying to teach myself Sony Acid so I can create mixes. I really don't think it's the best program for mixing so if anyone knows anything better let me know.

Recently I got into Dubstep and figured I should make a small mix with the limited colleciton that I have. The mixing isn't top quality and isn't nearly as fun as doing it on my decks back home but theres still some satisfaction there for sure. So if you like electronic music then have a listen, I really hope you like it. Please tell me what you think.

Download it here

If anyone has a better mirror that I can store this mix on i'd be grateful

Ok that was really long, sorry.
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ESWC Masters was (49 comments)
Posted by tom @ 15:56 CDT, 10 July 2008 - iMsg
:D: 51% (94)

:): 37% (67)

:|: 6.6% (12)

:'(: 4.4% (8)

:(: 1.1% (2)

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Which year was the best ESWC Q3 event? (No comments)
Posted by tom @ 15:39 CDT, 10 July 2008 - iMsg
ESWC 2003: 40% (2)

ESWC 2008: 40% (2)

ESWC 2005: 20% (1)

ESWC 2004: 0% (0)

Taking into consideration all factors; players, skill-level, organization, length, GTV whine etc etc

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Semi-Finals: Jibo vs fox (5 comments)
Posted by tom @ 19:33 CDT, 5 July 2008 - iMsg
Loser:Jibo, Odds: 43% (2.2:1)
Bets placed: E$10218, betting open: 19:31 CDT 5 Jul 2008 to 04:00 CDT 6 Jul 2008

Winner:fox, Odds: 56% (1.7:1)
Bets placed: E$14710, betting open: 19:31 CDT 5 Jul 2008 to 04:00 CDT 6 Jul 2008

Semi-Finals 2
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Semi-Finals: Cypher vs av3k (No comments)
Posted by tom @ 19:31 CDT, 5 July 2008 - iMsg
Winner:Cypher, Odds: 66% (1.5:1)
Bets placed: E$14302, betting open: 19:24 CDT 5 Jul 2008 to 04:00 CDT 6 Jul 2008

Loser:av3k, Odds: 33% (2.9:1)
Bets placed: E$4919, betting open: 19:24 CDT 5 Jul 2008 to 04:00 CDT 6 Jul 2008

Semi finals group 1
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Who will win ESWC Masters (No comments)
Posted by tom @ 18:22 CDT, 5 July 2008 - iMsg
Cypher: 71% (60)

fox: 20% (17)

av3k: 5.9% (5)

Jibo: 3.5% (3)

It's sunday, the Americans are out and its down to the wire. Who is your winner for today?
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Who do you WANT to win ESWC masters? (127 comments)
Posted by tom @ 17:25 CDT, 27 June 2008 - iMsg
czm: 21% (66)

fox: 15% (47)

vo0: 9.6% (30)

ZeRo4: 8% (25)

dongjin: 6.1% (19)

Cypher: 5.7% (18)

RazerJ: 5.1% (16)

noctis: 4.5% (14)

fooKi: 4.1% (13)

ddk: 3.5% (11)

ArrW: 2.9% (9)

k1llsen: 2.2% (7)

ralpha: 2.2% (7)

av3k: 1.9% (6)

matr0x: 1.9% (6)

proZac: 1.9% (6)

Draven: 1.3% (4)

Chance: 1% (3)

griffin: 0.6% (2)

falcuma: 0.6% (2)

slx: 0.3% (1)

Unity: 0.3% (1)

link1n: 0.3% (1)

Thats who do you WANT to win. In a few days time we'll do a poll with who you think shall win, ok?
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This website is malfunctioning (84 comments)
Posted by tom @ 20:36 CDT, 17 June 2008 - iMsg
Uh oh! Our little Internet website isn't working properly. Comments don't register or are thrown onto completely different threads, posts completely disappear along with a number of other frustrating little errors. The people that need to know are already aware and as far as the rest of us are concerned there is nothing we can do to fix it. So hang tough Internet gaming gang, normal service will at some point return, there is no need to post new threads regarding this problem. In the meantime play promode or worms.
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Who is your least favourite ESR user (225 comments)
Posted by tom @ 18:16 CDT, 26 May 2008 - iMsg
Some other annoying idiot: 33% (77)

walter: 17% (39)

arQon: 12% (28)

Jamerio: 10% (23)

*.ru / *.pl: 8.2% (19)

Cloud: 6.5% (15)

Jonesy: 3.5% (8)

Liam: 3.5% (8)

Dird: 3% (7)

Monkey_Business: 3% (7)

Controversy and nerdrage is once again sweeping our INTERNET website. Whether its a lengthy rant from Jamerio, questions on life the universe and everything from Jonesy or Monkey_Business, or the newest Walter and noctis demos. Who from this list of little terrors do you hate the most!?

Version 1
Version 2

Note: If you vote for "Some other annoying idiot" please post who it is!
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My two months in Nepal (46 comments)
Posted by tom @ 18:27 CDT, 19 May 2008 - iMsg
Oh crap i've been home one week and I still haven't bored you all with a photo journal from my travels. Feel free to skip the text and just look at the photos, or just feel free to skip it all and call me names.

I spent two months in Nepal. The main purpose of the trip being to trek in the Annapurna region, though my plans were loose to say the least, which is how I like to do things because you never know what might happen and also (primarily I guess) because i'm increadibly unorganized. Leading upto the trip I was always in a bit of a daze about it all, and it wasn't till the plane started to slowly descend over Kathmandu (capital of Nepal duh) and I see countless rickity, poorly built shanty town like suburbs that the reality of doing this trip hit me. It was a weird feeling in retrospect, I guess i was pretty nervous but at the same time excited and unsure what the hell was going to happen in the coming days. As it turns out it wasn't so bad at all.

Stepping out the airport and being blasted by the hot, thick, smoggy Kathmandu air one is suddenly leapt upon by a multitude of taxi drivers badgering you for your business. I almost instantly fell in love with the place due the complete lack of order but at the same time not feeling threatened at all. Riding into town to a guesthouse that I had already checked online prior to my flight (one of the only things I managed to pre-arrange) I was transfixed by the sights, sounds and smells.

flickr link
It was a world unlike anything a little lad from the safe green rolling hills of the English countryside had ever seen. The dust, the unstable tightly squeezed buildings shoved up against one another in no recognizable fashion, the ridiculous roads riddled with potholes and crazy drivers who know them all off by heart and drive with reckless abandon on any side of the road they see fit.

Well anyway, I managed to find myself a safe bed in a rather Westernized establishment, somewhere I wouldn't stay now, but on my first day I was in need of a little comfort. Three days were spent in Kathmandu, hanging around visiting temples and soon meeting a few other travelers much like me.

I won't go into big descriptions for temples etc, that would be really tedious, you can see some of those on the Flickr pages.

flickr link

flickr link

flickr link

flickr link
Taken at Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple). Right after I took this the cheeky little monkey stole a necklace and ran into the trees with it.

flickr link

flickr link

flickr link

flickr link

So i'm not much of a city guy and after 3 days I felt I needed to escape the mayhem. Myself and two other guys decided on making the trip to Pokhara, the second most popular travelers destination in Nepal. Pokhara is much nearer the mountains than Kathmandu, and well known for its rather lapse laws and all round chilled-out-ness... so yeah we decided to head there. Stopping off for a few days half way through the horribly cramped 8 hour bus journey and then continuing the rest of the journey sat precariously on top...

flickr link

...we arrive in Pokhara.

Here we relaxed for perhaps five days. The third or so day in was the Hindu festival "Holi". I won't claim to know the religious meaning behind it, all I know is that all day kids in the street throw dry or wet paint at one another and passers-by. Of course all the young travelers joined in too, and it turned out to be an all day party.

flickr link

So the days in Pokhara pass without you really knowing about it and inbetween witnessing the day to day strange sights of Asia....

flickr link

...I was starting to get itchy feet and wanted to begin my trek. One evening in a bar I got chatting to an Austrian girl who was planning on starting the same trek as me in a couple of days time with another girl from Switzerland that she had met. So it was as simple as that, and as always in traveling, things just worked themselves out and I had trekking companions.

The Annapurna Circuit trek circumvents the Annapurna mountain range in a horseshoe shape, which consists of numerous mountains. Of course these mountains are huge because we're in the Himalayas... infact they dont get any bigger. The whole thing is marked as taking roughly 21 days to complete and 277km long reaching a maximum altitude of 5416m. Due to the fact I was spending two months in Nepal I had barely any time constraints as I had only been in the country for just over a week by this point.

Anyway we started the trek, luckily on the first day we meet a Canadian dude and so we now have a merry band of four. The first four days being in hot tropical region, which wasn't so pleasant to walk in and when we finally started seeing the white peaks of the Himalayas on the horizon it was a relief.

flickr link

flickr link

flickr link

flickr link

flickr link

This was the first time we relatively were up close to the snowline and cliffs, the size of these mountains was pretty overwhelming at first.

flickr link

flickr link

On the fourth day we walk round the corner to see what was probably the most impressive mountain i've ever seen. I monsterous rock wall called Heaven's Door that has been carved out by glacial erosion causing a gaint ampitheatre like effect. The size of this thing was huuuuuuuge and the evening after we passed it the snows fell for us for the first time. We woke to see this entire wall plastered in white. That was a great sight.

flickr link

So by now we're at around 3500m or so. The weathers cold at night and when the sun is fully out in the day its extremely hot due to the thinner air. Most evenings it would snow and by 11am the sun would burn most of it off, but that meant that every morning we had beautiful pristine snow covering the ground. Walking through the valleys often to the sound of avalanches rumbling high on the Annapurnas...

flickr link

You could notice the visible differences, not only in the landscape which was slowly becoming more barren and also in the clothing of the locals, but also in the houses and arcitecture of the buildings. Everything had a rough Tibetan feeling to its design as we were getting closer to the border.

flickr link

flickr link

So we get to around 3800m and the largest town on this side of the valley. The town is a pretty key place on the trek because its when a lot of people start to feel the effects of altitude sickness. Sadly the Swiss girl got pretty sick and had to turn back. The Canadian guy had a flight to catch and moved on quicker so it left just me and the Austrian girl, neither of us really having a time limit and both wanting to explore the area as much as possible. The following day after our friends departed we both got food posioning for about three days, running back and forth to the shitter every five minutes - good times!

Once we were feeling a little better we hatched a plan to visit the third highest lake in the world - Lake Tilicho...

flickr link

It was around a five day trip off the main track. The whole thing was probably the highlight of our trek. The route there was littered with cliffs and very loose rock causing regular rockfall from above onto the path. I know it sounds fucking lame but at one point we were kinda seriously lucky to escape unharmed from football sized rocks that were flying down from the cliffs above us. If anything happened we were in the middle of the Himalayas with few people around, it wouldn't have been a great situation.

flickr link

Anyway my friend (understandably) decided to sit out and I reached the lake by myself. Though it wasn't the same without her, being up there in the middle of the Himalayas by yourself is a magical feeling and something i'm not going to try to put into words. The lake, as it turns out, was frozen. It's at 4946m (I think) and so theres only a couple of months when you can see it's blue waters.

flickr link

Here is an interim of some arty farty shots of abandoned villages, mountains and all that sort of stuff. Not much left now, I promise!

flickr link
Another avalanche

flickr link

flickr link

flickr link

flickr link

flickr link

flickr link

flickr link

flickr link

flickr link

So about two or more weeks into the trek we get to the pass and cross 5416m. It was a bit of an anticlimax after such a huge build-up and having it loom over you the whole time. It was much easier in comparison to our adventure to the lake.

flickr link
5am on the morning of the pass (Thorung La)

flickr link

After crossing the pass the first thing you notice (other than the horrible 2000m descent) is that suddenly the landscape has changed. Its barren, with little snowcover above 4000m. This is not far from the Tibetan border and it really shows. At about 10am everyday a hot wind picks up and blasts up the valley making walking not much fun.

flickr link

flickr link
This is looking back at the pass we crossed. The photo is deceiving, it's about 1000m higher than the height I took this.

Well, i'll cut this half a lot shorter. We spent about another 3 weeks on the trek from this point. Going back down the second valley (remember its a horseshoe shaped trek). Slowly back down into the tropics. We made many a sidetrip, none longer than a day. After a week we reached a fork in the path (which convienently had hot springs nearby). We both had time to kill and decided to visit Annapurna basecamp, which basically means heading up inside the mountains to about 4600m for another week or more. Most of this was through tropical jungle, which was hot and sticky - not much fun for walking. We did get to see monkeys and a beautiful sunrise though...

flickr link

flickr link
Macchapucchre - My favourite mountain and its completely off limits, noone has ever or will ever be granted permission to climb it.

flickr link

flickr link

By the end of the trek we had been walking for 39 days and were both really mentally and quite physically tired. Carrying huge backpacks and doing fuck knows what in altitude. We spent the remaining time in Pokhara just relaxing and enjoying being able to shower and relative civilization. We said our sad goodbyes, and after being with someone 24hours a day for 39 days in such an enviroment you really get to know one another. It made tom sad :(

I said my own farewell to Nepal. I experienced many new things, saw crazy sights so often that it just became part of normal life. If I were to write every increadibly bizarre thing that happened to us I think my fingers would fall off. Anyway Nepal taught me much, but most of all it taught me that no matter what you when traveling (and perhaps in life too, maybe thats a bit deep (?)), things always seem to work themselves out for the best, and thats a good thought because tomorrow i'm catching a flight to Canada and spending 12 months out there; first traveling and then finding somewhere to snowboard and work for the winter. It'll be fine and awesome, i'm sure.

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The CPL is no more (32 comments)
Posted by tom @ 15:05 CST, 12 February 2008 - iMsg
YES!!!!!!!: 28% (53)

I do not care: 24% (45)

The CPL owes me $10000 in prizes: 13% (25)

It's a shame: 11% (20)

I'm indifferent: 8.9% (17)

But i've already signed up to fat camp!: 7.9% (15)

I'm one of the 17 people who care: 5.3% (10)

What? I just bought F.E.A.R: 1.6% (3)

Worst news ever : 1.1% (2)

How do you feel?
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photo-nerd journal (108 comments)
Posted by tom @ 15:50 CST, 2 February 2008 - iMsg
Bunch of photos that i've taken over the past few months as usual. The borders on some of them are too big imo. I try to edit in photoshop as little as possible. All but last taken near home.

Flikr page thing
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HAL_9000 -vs- Jon4than (28 comments)
Posted by tom @ 11:11 CST, 31 January 2008 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 9.2 (5 votes)
Gametype: Duel
Map: Various Maps
Mod: Challenge ProMode Arena
Viewpoint: MVD
Version info: 1.44
How to play back Q3 demos

CPM winter shivers upper bracket

Bulgaria HAL_9000 vs Poland Jon4than


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uNkind -vs- b100.death (38 comments)
Posted by tom @ 14:06 CST, 30 January 2008 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.3 (2 votes)
Gametype: Duel
Map: ztn3tourney1 - Blood Run
Mod: Challenge ProMode Arena
Viewpoint: uNkind
Version info: Ancient
How to play back Q3 demos

Ancient game from Ural Cup 2002 with a classic frag into overtime, dunno why the demo recorder flicks views midway through.
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pod1 -vs- dziku (40 comments)
Posted by tom @ 11:34 CST, 15 January 2008 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 9.4 (16 votes)
Gametype: Duel
Map: N/A
Mod: Challenge ProMode Arena
Viewpoint: MVD
Version info: 1.44
How to play back Q3 demos

Winter Shivers CPM duel cup Polandpod1 vs Polanddziku Winner brackets round 3.

Maps: cpm3a (recommended), cpm24, cpm15
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raged (11 comments)
Posted by tom @ 16:24 CST, 29 December 2007 - iMsg
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Mozaik - Quake 3 defrag (63 comments)
Posted by tom @ 11:13 CST, 8 December 2007 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.8 (74 votes)
Produced by renk of Hybrid Movies comes Mozaik, probably the most technical Quake 3 movie in terms of editing released. Naturally the tricks are mighty impressive, but they are also accompanied by a very refreshing soundtrack, steering away from the all-too-common psynerd beatfest.

Weighing in at a reasonable size considering its length and high quality, this movie should be downloaded, not streamed, to fully appreciate its visuals.

Article Page: 1 || next page >>
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soon.... (177 comments)
Posted by tom @ 01:00 CST, 27 November 2007 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.1 (141 votes)
....has arrived

I've always wanted to make a traditional frag movie, and I guess "soon" is about as close I will manage. Split into three main sections: TDM/Duel/CTF, each with its own personal soundtrack that I believe represents its game play style best.

Made for my friends in Lobstarz, and many thanks to Team Zissou for hosting the premiere.

Stage6 Stage6

I hope you like it.
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soon.... (110 comments)
Posted by tom @ 16:42 CST, 12 November 2007 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 6.8 (42 votes)
very soon....

Stage6 Stage6 video stream
Article Page: 1 || next page >>
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waffle (No comments)
Posted by tom @ 04:26 CST, 10 November 2007 - iMsg
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a few pictures from W. Coast of Scotland (39 comments)
Posted by tom @ 16:08 CDT, 4 October 2007 - iMsg

i went to Applecross on the west coast of Scotland again a few weeks ago. I took a few photos of which a few i like, so incase you're interested they are below.


This last one i took in Wales a little back>

Larger @ Flickr .
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Night Drive (7 comments)
Posted by tom @ 14:15 CDT, 19 August 2007 - iMsg
Hi i made this:

On their pretty crappy software so ignore the out of sync bits. You get given all the original footage to make your own version of this advert:

Hope that perhaps you like it, took around 4hrs. Maybe make your own!

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Big Chill '07 Pics (32 comments)
Posted by tom @ 10:53 CDT, 7 August 2007 - iMsg
Blessed with the best weekend of weather so far in this year in England it was bound to be fun... and it was. Artists including Bonobo, Cinematic Orchestra, Hexstatic, Coldcut and a load more that i can't remember. Below are a select few of the best photos i took over the weekend, mainly they are of people, not acts (how boring).

Seasick Steve

These were grass that was stencilled and left out in the sun to produce a pretty cool effect

Cinematic Orchestra



Sunday night

Pretty proud of this one

Sorry some of them being too small/large, ESR doesn't allow pictures outside the post borders now :( You can see them all + more on my rarely updated Flickr account.

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use for your frag movies (46 comments)
Posted by tom @ 12:55 CDT, 22 July 2007 - iMsg
that way we can stream them first, and if we like download afterwards. the website is bloddy brilliant and far far better quality than or whatever that other streaming site for quake movies is. make the most of it before it sells itself to some shite corporation that sticks adverts all over the place or something.

i uploaded midget as an example:

Edited by tom at 12:56 CDT, 22 July 2007 - 8933 Hits
Daft Punk's Electroma (12 comments)
Posted by tom @ 16:57 CDT, 8 July 2007 - iMsg
Has anyone seen this? I'll dig up a review tomorrow because i can't write. The whole thing should be watched for the final shot alone, which is probably one of the most amazing things i've seen on film.

You don't need to like Daft Punk, non of their music is used and although the movie may seem pretentious i really don't think it is. No dialogue and huge dramatic long shots (some with stunning scenery), it's not for everyone.

Edited by tom at 17:01 CDT, 8 July 2007 - 4722 Hits
play Audiosurf (69 comments)
Posted by tom @ 18:10 CDT, 16 June 2007 - iMsg

my dog is asking you politely to play Audiosurf - $10 @ steam.. thats around the same price as a pint of beer in NORWAY!

Edited by tom at 02:36 CST, 24 February 2008 - 21902 Hits
Fat guy from cpm (probably) with sweets (47 comments)
Posted by tom @ 10:42 CDT, 11 June 2007 - iMsg
I've been pulling my hair out for a few weeks trying to remember the name of this guy, he was similar in weight to that of "Clamp" from Q4 fame, except he played cpm much worse than anyone else... Stuff like doing ix impressions and swearing like "fucking tosser" during important games. Here's everything I remember about that fat guy to try and jog some memories:

- his dad owned a sweet shop but the sweet shop went bust cos this guy ate all his dad's stock

- he's currently unemployed

- he had a tube up his penis for 2 weeks

Does anybody have any idea what the name of this guy? Or any other information you can remember about him? Extra points if you can guess his weight

Pretty sure he was fat (or really fat) for that I can be certain. It was a UK guy of course.

Thanks for any help.

I will plus the tits off anyone who gives me the correct answer (and can confirm it)
Edited by tom at 11:44 CDT, 11 June 2007 - 11640 Hits
UK -vs- Germany (9 comments)
Posted by tom @ 12:44 CDT, 8 May 2007 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: - (0 votes)
Gametype: Team Game
Map: Various Maps
Mod: Challenge ProMode Arena
Viewpoint: MVD
Version info: 1.41b
How to play back Q3 demos

Semi-finals of CPM TDM nations cup. MVD

United Kingdom


Edited by tom at 12:44 CDT, 8 May 2007 - 4130 Hits
Germany vs UK CPM TDM Nationscup (51 comments)
Posted by tom @ 11:38 CDT, 4 May 2007 - iMsg
Loser:Germany, Odds: 45% (2.1:1)
Bets placed: E$74014, betting open: 12:36 CDT 4 May 2007 to 14:00 CDT 7 May 2007

Winner:UK, Odds: 54% (1.8:1)
Bets placed: E$89053, betting open: 12:36 CDT 4 May 2007 to 14:00 CDT 7 May 2007

Scheduled: 14:00 CDT, 7 May 2007 to 15:00 CDT, 7 May 2007
Schedule: Passed

CPM nations cup TDM semi finals: Germany Germany vs United Kingdom UK

May. 7th, 14:00 CDT

CPM Nations cup TDM.

GTV at (thanks to noon)
Edited by tom at 07:05 CDT, 6 May 2007 - 16635 Hits
Let me tell you about my crew. (117 comments)
Posted by tom @ 16:14 CDT, 31 March 2007 - iMsg

Edited by Sujoy at 18:40 CDT, 31 March 2007 - 43310 Hits
Happy St. Paddy day (20 comments)
Posted by tom @ 12:39 CDT, 17 March 2007 - iMsg
thinking of u m8

7676 Hits
World's most important 6 sec drum loop (11 comments)
Posted by tom @ 14:55 CST, 9 March 2007 - iMsg
This fascinating, brilliant 20-minute video narrates the history of the "Amen Break," a six-second drum sample from the b-side of a chart-topping single from 1969. This sample was used extensively in early hiphop and sample-based music, and became the basis for drum-and-bass and jungle music -- a six-second clip that spawned several entire subcultures. Nate Harrison's 2004 video is a meditation on the ownership of culture, the nature of art and creativity, and the history of a remarkable music clip.
Edited by tom at 14:55 CST, 9 March 2007 - 3659 Hits
twoja stara -vs- LSRO (4 comments)
Posted by tom @ 15:33 CST, 5 March 2007 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.7 (2 votes)
Gametype: TDM 2v2
Map: Various Maps
Mod: Challenge ProMode Arena
Viewpoint: MVD
Version info: 1.40
How to play back Q3 demos

>> 53162-Finals.rar <<
(7584KB, 219 DLs)

Finals of GGL 2v2 CPMA Minicomp between twoja stara and Lightning strike rescue operation.

The entire demo pack is also available.
2609 Hits
LSRO -vs- Man fluffers (2 comments)
Posted by tom @ 15:17 CST, 5 March 2007 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.7 (2 votes)
Gametype: TDM 2v2
Map: Various Maps
Mod: Challenge ProMode Arena
Viewpoint: MVD
Version info: 1.40
How to play back Q3 demos

>> 53161-LBFinals.rar <<
(11236KB, 153 DLs)

MVD of loser bracket finals from the GGL 2v2 CPMA minicup between Lightning strike rescue operation vs Man fluffers


The entire demo pack is also available
Edited by tom at 15:18 CST, 5 March 2007 - 2431 Hits
GGL CPMA 2v2 :: LSRO vs twoja stara (2 comments)
Posted by tom @ 10:50 CST, 5 March 2007 - iMsg
Loser:LSRO, Odds: 28% (3.5:1)
Bets placed: E$2050, betting open: 10:44 CST 5 Mar 2007 to 11:00 CST 5 Mar 2007

Winner:twoja stara, Odds: 71% (1.3:1)
Bets placed: E$2400, betting open: 10:44 CST 5 Mar 2007 to 11:00 CST 5 Mar 2007

Final of GGL 2v2 CPMA TDM minicomp:

Lightning Strike Rescue Operation come from the losers bracket to fight undefeated bloody poles twoja stara!!

United Kingdomddk
United Kingdomtom

twoja stara
Edited by tom at 11:39 CST, 5 March 2007 - 3109 Hits
tom's february 2007 DJ mix (13 comments)
Posted by tom @ 12:11 CST, 2 February 2007 - iMsg
After the positive feedback from mix #1 I really felt like doing another, sadly I sort of never got round to it till yesterday, but now here it is: Mix #2 for ESR! It's kind of a bit more techno than the last, which might put a few people off, but perhaps you will suprise yourself. I fully understand most people don't like this kind of genre, so it's got a pretty small audience here really.

I'll apologise in advance for the skipping records, especially near the start and any weird noises that don't really fit in, that's my mixer playing up, it likes to play the muted channel sometimes thanks to a broken crossfader.

Enough from me, just sit back, head over and stream or download the set straight here on ESReality

Hope you enjoy!

And thanks to Suj for allowing me to host on ESR.

Edited by tom at 12:51 CST, 2 February 2007 - 5873 Hits
tom's photo journal 01/07 (50 comments)
Posted by tom @ 11:47 CST, 30 January 2007 - iMsg
Here's are a random few photos from the past months. I didn't take many too recently because the weather has been jive. I do realise that many of these are sunset/rise related photos, that's because i like them and when i go to and from work that's normally whats happening, otherwise it's dark. A few are from Canada and perhaps 1 from France

ok i'm spent, hope you like. If you wanna see fullsupersize ask and i'll upload, they all look crap at 640x480.
Edited by tom at 13:19 CST, 30 January 2007 - 11320 Hits
Severity... (170 comments)
Posted by tom @ 05:58 CST, 13 January 2007 - iMsg
Will never even get made: 28% (122)

Will be played by nearly all FPS players: 17% (72)

Will have a PainKiller sized community: 16% (67)

Will be ruined by an arqon mod: 15% (66)

Will be played by just the pro players: 12% (53)

Will have a QuakeWorld sized community: 6.9% (30)

Will be played by no-one: 5.1% (22)

Munoz announces a Severe Mistake?
Edited by Nicky at 03:21 CST, 7 January 2008 - 124853 Hits
Blood is Love WCG2006 teaser released (31 comments)
Posted by tom @ 13:39 CDT, 26 October 2006 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8 (12 votes)
dYe aka Riccardo "vicious" Zanocchio and David "jewins" Vanoli have already set to work on their WCG2006 movie. Just days after the event has finished the teaser has already been released. Focusing only on the Quake4 tournament, this will be something for all FPS fans to look forward to.

This subtle little teaser is a promising look for what should become an interesting documetary, covering all the stuff you didnt get to see on the VODs or hear on the streams. Get behind the monitor with Blood is Love.
Edited by tom at 13:44 CDT, 26 October 2006 - 13507 Hits
Tom's little DJ mix just for YOU (75 comments)
Posted by tom @ 14:58 CDT, 3 October 2006 - iMsg
OK, so i thought i'd upload a mix for you seeming as a few people asked. It's electro-house with a little techno thrown in for good measure. If you don't like that genre that's cool and i completely understand, just don't bother commenting. For those that might care its an 80mb file and 1hour long, mixed in my bedroom on my decks. That's all.
Please let me know what you think.


The mix can now be downloaded or streamed straight from ESR
Edited by tom at 13:14 CST, 9 February 2007 - 30637 Hits
Photo journal (27 comments)
Posted by tom @ 14:10 CDT, 2 October 2006 - iMsg
Since i got my new camera i've taken a few pictures, i'm looking forward to going away so i can get some better ones.

lobby has a better version of this but i can't work photoshop

Skydive pictures from New Zealand that i never uploaded to my gallery for some reason! obviously i didn't take ever

Edited by tom at 14:23 CDT, 2 October 2006 - 13030 Hits
Today i am 21 (42 comments)
Posted by tom @ 04:18 CDT, 30 August 2006 - iMsg
That's about it really..

Celebrate by watching Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar
Edited by tom at 04:52 CDT, 30 August 2006 - 6968 Hits
let me tell you about my boat. (31 comments)
Posted by tom @ 13:35 CDT, 23 August 2006 - iMsg
Edited by tom at 07:29 CDT, 24 August 2006 - 6056 Hits
The Big Chill '06 [pics] (20 comments)
Posted by tom @ 07:45 CDT, 7 August 2006 - iMsg
The Big Chill '06, Eastnor, England.

Here are pictures because i enjoy taking and uploading them.

I won't bore you with the details but Coldcut did a mindblowing DJ/VJ (visual jockey) set. Mr Scuff and Gilles Peterson were also pretty splendid but i didnt get any pictures because my camera has broken. So many bands i can't be bothered to type them all out. Good times.
Edited by tom at 07:56 CDT, 7 August 2006 - 5841 Hits
If you like daft punk... (39 comments)
Posted by tom @ 09:09 CDT, 2 August 2006 - iMsg
... Then i suggest you get the torrent below. Basically their liveset from the Coachella event in the US back in April. It's a DVD that some guy put together taking footage from a load of different people who took their camcorders to the event. He's synced the music in time (with good quality) to the footage and the result is fkn awesome. Regardless of what you think of Human After All you gotta get this. I'm putting it on ESR as it has no copyright, either.
Edited by tom at 09:13 CDT, 2 August 2006 - 8518 Hits
The best fun you can have online.. (17 comments)
Posted by tom @ 13:42 CDT, 28 July 2006 - iMsg
.. is with Google Earth.
Edited by tom at 14:59 CDT, 28 July 2006 - 4371 Hits
2 Weeks in the Alps [pics] (15 comments)
Posted by tom @ 17:30 CDT, 12 July 2006 - iMsg
Sorry for the delay, i've just been a bit lazy. I havnt touched any of these up in Photoshop because my copy is shite and i cant be bothered with the hassle, so it's a bit of the spur of the moment rush job. Hope you like them, maybe i'll get a new camera one day.

Basically We spend 7 days circumnavigating the Monte Rosa, which is a m-m-m-monster mountain that has the Swiss and Italian borders split down its middle, so half the trip was in one country, half the other. It was fucking brilliant; sunshine everyday, big mountains, big days, big beers. I won't bore you with the details but we basically started in one place and ended up in Zermatt, Switzerland.

Oh and...

Your credit card payment has been securely processed by SecureTrading, and the
order will now be processed by The Big Chill.

The Big Chill festival at the start of August! 3 days of relaxing in the sun with some awesome sounds, Gilles Peterson, Jose Gonzalez and Aim to name a few :D
Edited by tom at 02:22 CDT, 13 July 2006 - 3717 Hits
Decerto COD2 Movie Released (26 comments)
Posted by tom @ 10:40 CDT, 9 July 2006 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7 (7 votes)
The Decerto COD2 frag movie featuring top North American players has been released. By far the best Call of Duty picture to date, it manages to create smooth fast-paced viewing for what is otherwise a rather slow game. Well constructed with slick editing, matched with solid music and insane frags this is worth its weight in megabytes.
Edited by Sujoy at 13:48 CDT, 9 July 2006 - 17537 Hits
dignitas/tom -vs- [nEB]Xhep^ (21 comments)
Posted by tom @ 04:31 CDT, 24 June 2006 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 6 (1 vote)
Gametype: Duel
Map: wdm2
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: dignitas/tom
Version info: 1.2
How to play back WSW demos

United Kingdom dignitas/tom vs Netherlands [nEB]Xhep^ on wdm2 from the Excello 1v1 wsw cup. I don't think either of us were on top of our game but its nice and close. Quite a few people wanted it after hearing the shoutcast.
Edited by Nicky at 03:18 CST, 4 February 2008 - 7532 Hits
Claw & Order (176 comments)
Posted by tom @ 14:40 CDT, 15 June 2006 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.9 (129 votes)
We all know CPMA is played around the world. From USA to Sweden, from Brazil to Poland, the game is loved by approximately 9% of the population. Yet even 20,000 leagues under the sea there are crustaceans trying to master the 5second cap on CTF2. Somehow 8bitlobster managed to use his clumsy claws on a mouse and keyboard (!) in conjunction with a video editing program to whip up a CPMA movie for all to see. With a funky soundtrack that will make you want to dance the robot and featuring frags from players across the community.

This is one viewing that will set your gaming fever to boiling. I sentence you to 10:39 of lobster-tastic CPMA action! - ITS THE CLAW!
Edited by xou at 07:03 CDT, 8 August 2011 - 163501 Hits
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