QuakeCon 2010's first day is over and a long one it was. In what seems to be a theme year after year, the QuakeCon tournaments did not start at all today, fueled by an electrical fire in the tournament area, and continued by delay after delay, which resulted in the decision to call it a day to the dismay of unhappy and tired viewers.

Brackets for Duel and CTF have been released with some interesting match-ups ahead.

United States of America chance and United States of America destrukt will meet each other in the second round after their heated encounter at the IVGHOF last weekend which saw destrukt forfeit to chance in the end out of frustration. According to United States of America DaHanG, destrukt has already proclaimed this "to be over already." Sweden proZaC has been practicing and is trying to make a real run at this year's event, but will have to face a tough Canada sparks in the first round, and a determined Italy stermy in the second. A stermy who's still one of the very few to take out United States of America rapha in a set of maps. On the other side of the bracket, unless Netherlands draven can continue to impress and United States of America LoSt-CaUzE can make a next to impossible comeback, we will most likely be seeing Belarus Cypher versus France strenx and Sweden Spart1e versus Russia Cooller quarterfinals.

United States of America Evil Geniuses might find some opposition in United States of America compLexity on their way to the winner's bracket finals, but will probably arrive with relative ease. Europe Fnatic and United Kingdom Deus want their shot at a rematch with EG, but shouldn't look too far ahead as they're in for a tight game with United States of America Loaded in the semifinals.

DaHanG says he isn't thrilled with Battleforged, and hopes a placebo will get him past rapha, if he makes it there.

John Carmack is still the most bad-ass programmer in the world and has managed to "do some fairly clever things" to get their new title Rage working on the iPhone - at 60 fps! It looks sick.

Carmack also announced a little QuakeCon gift, as he has released the source codes for Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Singleplayer) / Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Multiplayer) / Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. The source codes hold no game data, so you must have the games to access assets from each.

Doom 4 will not be shown at this year's QuakeCon, after id Software previously promised last year that it would be. CEO Todd Hollenshead commented that the company wanted to put more work into it before it was revealed.

id Tech 5 will apparently be for Bethesda titles only, with Hollenshead stating "I think that [Epic] made a strategic choice to focus on the middleware service stuff, and we never pretended to be focused on technology licensing...Epic's made a good business out of that so kudos to them, but I wouldn't change the way we've done things."

Lastly, you can buy every current id Software and Bethesda game right now through Steam $70. All of them. That's only slightly more than a year's subscription to Quake Live.

PS. I have contacted HEXUS Lead Developer Steve Kerrison (steve.kerrison@hexus.net) about the site load for this weekend, and he is making sure to keep ESR up and running for the duration of QuakeCon (and other major events from now on). Send him thanks.