Live On Three is hosted by United States of America Marcus "djWHEAT" Graham, United States of America Rod "Slasher" Breslau and United States of America Scott "SirScoots" Smith.

Live On Three #56 is now online featuring discussing regarding several aspects of this year's QuakeCon including Belarus Cypher and Russia Cooller's epic final, Sweden proZaC's banning, and the multitude of DNS, streaming, and coverage issues at the event. Special guests on the show include first-time top 3 QuakeCon finisher Italy Stermy, the infamous proZaC, and's United States of America Ben "FishStix" Goldhaber.

Stermy's thoughts on Cooller gg'ing him with 3:30 left on Furious Heights:
What can I say? I mean..that's Cooller, ya know? it was probably 10 frags ahead with 3 minuted left, and I knew that the match was pretty much over, but I gusss he wanted to get into my head because I won the first map. I don't get scared of those things anymore. I played during the time when United Kingdom 2GD was playing, and I mean that guy's trash talk is definitely worse than Coollers even, so i have enough experience from that, I don't get annoyed anymore by it. Cooller is like that, gotta take it for what it's worth.

proZaC on getting booted from QuakeCon:
...I'm playing my game which is awesome - I kept it sexy. I thought Canada sparks was a half-newb, and wanted to show the world you can play Quake without pressing +back, just keeping it fucking sexy, and i lost int he last 15 econds because i missed a rocket jump to red armor. If I got that rocket jump I would have won hands down. When I lose to sparks I'm steaming so I go to the pool - I'm out. Go to the pool, get my swim on, get my drink on, when my CTF team comes and says I have to come back and play

Listen to the show now on QuakeCon talk starts at 5:00, FishStix on at 38:00, Stermy on at 46:00, proZaC on at 60:00.