We are at final day of the QuakeCon Pro Tournaments. Every match will write history! The games starts with Clan Arena 3v3 at 10:45 CDT. Brackets can be found on quakecon site. For the Grand Final of Quakelive Duel & Doom 2 Duel they switch to the big mainstage, and they pushed back both by 1 hour.

In the Grand Finals were
QL Duel - United States of America rapha vs Russia Evil
QL CA 3v3 - United States of America Watch This vs United States of America The Dream
Doom II Duell - United States of America JKist3 vs United States of America DevastatioN

All games from the Stream are already online!

On friday John Carmack held a basic talk about "Physics of Light and Rendering" on stream (VOD).
Today id's new Art Director, Hugo Martin, will referat about "From Sketchbook to the Big Screen" on Bethesda stream (VOD).

Thanks to QuakeCon staff, Quakelive team, sponsors Intel & id, all the players, shoutcasters and FACEIT for a perfectly run tournament!
A word from roychez and ddk.

Pics: Flickr, FACEIT
Demos: Trance
Configs: Trance
VODs Day 1 Duel: QuakeCon or Esportsfrance with timecodes
VODs Day 2 CA: QuakeCon or Esportsfrance with timecodes
ESR: Day 1, Day 2

VODs Day 3: QuakeCon Part 1 (CA Finals, Doom Duel 3rd Place, QL Duel 4th & 3rd Place), QuakeCon Part 2 (Grand Finals Doom Duel & QL Duel)

Stream: QuakeCon by United Kingdom Xavier "Zoot" Dhorne and United Kingdom Daniel "ddk" Kapadia, and production by FACEIT
Official Links: Tournament Results & Tree, Twitter Twitter, mIRC quakecon