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clans in chronological order: PsY, 2K (remix), clan stealth, Demonic Core (q3), Dignitas (q4, q3), 4Kings (q3), plus (cpm, co-founder) cherubim (ql), teamkillers (qw), Elite Killers (ql) sitto (ql)

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Re: Quake World Championship European Sa
Posted @ 12:54 GMT 9 Jul 2017
I uploaded map 1 from my pov in case anyone's interested
Re: Alliance signs a Quake Champions Tea
Posted @ 11:16 GMT 7 Jul 2017
busdriver is one of the new names, he's not anyone other than busdriverx!
Re: Quake Champions closed beta begins A
Posted @ 22:18 GMT 30 Mar 2017
Will stream this with all my spare time ;D edit: Will get confirmation if the
Re: Anarki ability trailer released
Posted @ 10:39 GMT 30 Mar 2017
HP back to full, increases HP pool slightly per use and increases movement speed
Re: Serious question to ddk
Posted @ 11:38 GMT 4 Feb 2017
No thoughts really, I don't like to speculate too much :P
Re: Serious question to ddk
Posted @ 11:36 GMT 3 Feb 2017
Quake Champions? Good question, I was talking to Stermy about it a bit yesterday
Re: Serious question to ddk
Posted @ 11:12 GMT 3 Feb 2017
I'm not sure where things will go with OW casting just yet, I think it's somethi
Re: Serious question to ddk
Posted @ 11:02 GMT 3 Feb 2017
Actually not really, in university maybe once a weekend or so but, it's never be
Re: Serious question to ddk
Posted @ 10:56 GMT 3 Feb 2017
Hey dudes, I probably wouldn't have seen this if it wasn't for stermy, so you ca
Re: Live Streams sidebox
Posted @ 23:28 GMT 10 Jan 2017 I changed the name from dadoka recently, need a re
Re: Demo roll call for The Contenders 3
Posted @ 11:13 GMT 5 Oct 2016
Noice, can't wait for this movie :D.
Re: 9 Storylines for Challenges-EU 2016
Posted @ 11:10 GMT 5 Oct 2016
I donated 20CAD but I dunno if it'll show up anywhere as I couldn't put my name
Re: Quakecon 2016 Day 3: Finals
Posted @ 12:55 GMT 9 Aug 2016
I'm glad you guys enjoyed it, we had some amazing games, and I hope you all caug
Re: Book thread - 2016 edition
Posted @ 22:55 GMT 27 Jul 2016
Small Gods is my favourite one to recommend out of Pratchett's work to those who
Re: Where you at ddk?
Posted @ 05:51 GMT 3 Jul 2016
Actually just a week ago fibre became available to my address, will be ordering
Re: Cypher to QCON 2016 confirmed!
Posted @ 12:57 GMT 29 Apr 2016
Re: QuakeCon 2016 Tournaments Announced
Posted @ 19:30 GMT 24 Feb 2016
QW 2v2 is really fun, although if you haven't got a few years of experience on d
Re: Quake games at #DICE2016 by FACEIT
Posted @ 17:20 GMT 20 Feb 2016
We put on a Quakeworld 1v1 competition for the participants of DICE!
Re: Reflex Run - Simplicity x wh1te
Posted @ 19:16 GMT 22 Dec 2015
I really enjoyed the music choice w/ this video!
Re: Dreamhack Winter
Posted @ 10:30 GMT 7 Oct 2015
Welp, the problem right now is that I need to move, and this just got pushed bac
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