I have not posted till now because i was not online and not aware of any of the esr threads until i came online yesterday afternoon,
I have not made a comment on the threads in question about myself using a wallhack in ql,I decided to reply in this journal post instead.

I have enjoyed many years of quake 3,where I was introduced to this fps via the dreamcast console port,learning how to play it with the dreamcast mouse and keyboard.I moved to pc quake 3 around 2002 and spent many hours learning tdm and making many new friends who I respected a lot and entered into the the Joltqdml and barrysworld tdm leagues.

The point I am trying to get to and I am making a bit of a pigs ear of it is that I have cheated in Quakelive yes,during the time of August 5th till around the last week of August.

I have broken the trust of many people whom over the years i have gotten to know and enjoyed playing with and at the same time doing so disrespected them,for that I am truly sorry to all of these people.

I feel physically sickened for what I have done,I can not say sorry enough to any of you,whom have played with me over the years clan mates or otherwise.

It is academic now,I don't expect anything other than being flamed for what I did,I would expect nothing less,I did the same when Yuka was caught for it in quakelive back in K1ck and I said at the time and stand by that,that he deserved nothing less than being lynched and my feelings with cheaters remain that.

I cannot justify it,I do truly regret it and I do wish to continue on carrying on playing if the community can ever accept me back at some point,now that I would be grateful of.