Games-Services, the original company behind the ESWC, filled for bankruptcy several months ago. In the aftermath of this, Stéphane Cosse, the head of DIP Communication and DIP Organisation (An event organiser), has purchased the rights to the ESWC brand, trademark and tournament management system for €50,000 and for €1,500.

The ESWC has now unveiled their plans for the summer of 2010 with a new $200,000 dollar e-Sports event taking place in Disneyland Paris from June 30 to July 4, 2010.

However, according to SK-gaming Cosse was a lead figure in Adéclik who ran a $50,000 event called ClickArena back in 2003 where in similar circumstances to the CyberXGames the prize money turned out to be a hoax and no team received a penny. Perhaps in light of this the ESWC has made a further announcement:
"in order to prevent more harm and damage to the ESWC image and to maintain coherent the ESWC project and spirit, DIP-Organisation is studying the possibilities to found a way to compensate the last ESWC champions."

Source: Official announcement