It seems there is a time delay on the press conference. VOD of id´s Press Conference & John Carmacks Keynote Speech will be recorded by QL.TV and later uploaded on QuakeUnity.

Tune in for the IGN Live Stream
There is also a Liveblogging at Kotatu

Press Conference is over, as usual the conference was very short
- Wolfenstein RPG for iPhone was presented, release is now on AppleStore
- Marty Stratton talks about Quake Live. Leaderboards will having a comeback in Quake Live
- Todd Hollenshead said we get new infos about Doom 4 on the next QuakeCon 2010 :(
- New Rage trailer was shown. Trailer looks nice looking, much shooting & driving rocks and is now available on Gametrailers

John Carmack´s Keynote Speech, summary and video is up on QuakeUnity