Hey guys,

I still have some free stuff that I'm not using ; some of them have been used once or twice so they're still pretty unused, some of them are kind old, but still in a pretty good "shape". For now, i'm listing, but i'll make sure to properly check if someone is interested by some sort of products.


- 3x or 4x : SteelSeries QcK Heavy <-- all good
- 3x or 4x : SteelSeries QcK+ (fnatic edition) <-- all good
- 1x : SteelSeries 4HD <-- all good
- 1x : Artisan Shiden (glass coating) <-- all good
- 1x : Artisan Hayate L (mid) <-- all good
- 1x : AllSop Raindrop XL <-- slightly damaged by cat's claws, but still remains good.


- 1x : SteelSeries Siberia V2 <-- MIC ISSUES BUT REST WORKS FINE.
- 1x : SteelSeries 7H <-- DEAD.


- 2x : Kinzuadder (kinzu shape with 1st deathadder sensor in it) <-- all good
- 1x : SteelSeries Kinzu v1<-- all good
- 1x : Razer Abyssus Mirror Edition <-- all good
- 1x : Zowie Mico <-- all good
- 2x : Microsoft WheelMouse Optical 1.1a (1 white & 1 black) <-- all good

I might have some other things (my brother AppleSeed might have some too) to sell and I'll complete this list when i'll be back home, during this week or prolly the next one.
If you are interested by any products, just let me know here or on my mail, and i'll check the product and put a price in consequence.


// l1nkjA