5v5: 48% (121)

4v4: 41% (103)

don't care: 12% (30)

At the start of QuakeLive, the european CTF scene from Quake 3 moved onto the new game. The standard still was 5v5.
But some time later, id software's method released a map called Ironworks. Definetly a good map. For 4v4.
Therefore, the European community was forced to make a decision, also influenced by the quakecon CTF format: use the 4v4 system in order to use a decent mappool. Fair enough. I eagerly followed the movement! But now that we have the possibility to use maps like japanese castles, shining forces... Hell even maybe Courtyard (edited), Stonekeep (I like!) and Industrial Accident... Why not give 5v5 a chance again ?

-poll by LLL`dem0n