After the show tonight with The GD Studio hosted by United Kingdom 2GD and Belgium Trance we now have the groups for the DreamHack Kingston HyperX Quake Live Tournament.

Unfortunately Poland STING dropped out last minute and we haven't been able to replace him yet. If you want to play contact either blazeh or slayzah in mIRC #DreamHack.Quake or send a mail to [email protected].

Also since STING dropped out we remade the seeds slightly. Sweden empish was moved to mid seed and the player missing is down in low seed.

So, as usual, please leave your thoughts on the groups below! Is there a group of death? Is any group more interesting then another?

Update: Last spot has been filled by Sweden Snapphanen.
Update 2: Poland matr0x unfortunately dropped out of the tournament. He will be replaced by Sweden DRz.bat4dead.

Betting: Overall Winner, Groupmatches