Quake at Sweden DreamHack is a modern Esport Classic and today we are very happy to present the DreamHack Kingston HyperX Quake Live Tournament, sponsored by Kingston HyperX, Plantronics GamesCom & Twitch. A total of 16 world class duel players will play for the 70 000 SEK prize pool. All the best matches will be live streamed in HD via Twitch and the final will be played on DreamArena Extreme.

Quake Live is a free to play arena shooter created and supported by id Software. Easy to join, get started and play in a few minutes! Wanna play in the tournament? Send us your application today! We need the following information and we will get back to you as soon as possible, we have room for 16 players!

Links: www.dreamhack.se, Facebook DreamHackfestival, Twitter @DreamHack || Facebook KingstonTechnologyEurope, Twitter @kingstontech, YouTube KingstonTechMemory || gamecom.plantronics.com, Facebook GameComFaceOff, Twitter @TeamGAMECOM || www.twitch.tv, Facebook TwitchTV, Twitter @TwitchTV || www.quakelive.com, Facebook Quakelive, Twitter @quakelive