The signups for the Kingston HyperX Quake Live Tournament at DreamHack Winter 2012 closed last Sunday which means we finally can release the complete line up! Once again we're going to have a tournament filled with skilled players. The last 5 invites are not an exception to this!

The last 5 invites to DreamHack Winter 2012 are: Portugal ins, Germany reload, Poland STING_PL, Italy unnamedtony and Belarus Cypher.

We're also proud to announce that United Kingdom nvc will be commentating the event and Serbia zeroql will provide coverage in English. Ukraine nicerdicer and Russia foppa (aka frozen) will also provide coverage and commentate the event in Russian. Both of the streams will cover the tournament on location!

Seeds and groups will be released in about one week from now! Don't forget to check out the rules! Questions? Send a mail to [email protected].

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