Unfortunately we've had a few unexpected drop outs during the last week. Portugal ins, United States of America cl0ck and Germany reload have dropped out of the tournament, all with different reasons. Making the best out of the situation we quickly contacted a number of players who we hoped could play instead.

With only a week left until DreamHack Winter 2012 there wasn't much time for the players to arrange a trip but Tunisia L33gend (aka sofiene), Germany mousestar and Sweden empish all agreed to come and play. L33gend making his Quake Live LAN debut while mousestar and empish comes back to DreamHack to play again.

But since the line up is complete again it's time to get the seeds public!

Don't forget to follow The GD Studio tonight for the live group drawing. The show goes live at 19:00 CET with a warmup cup and finishing of with the group draw.

*UPDATE*: Italy unnamedtony can't make it due to sickness and needs to catch up on work as soon as he gets better. If you want to play please send a message to blazeh or slayzah at mIRC #DreamHack.Quake or send a mail to [email protected].
*UPDATE 2*: The last spot has been filled by Russia cooke.
*UPDATE 3*: Germany mousestar is not arriving until friday, one day after the groupstage so he'll be replaced by Ukraine nicerdicer.

Links: DreamHack.se, Group draw announcement by Belgium Trance