Scheduled: 09:00 CST, 24 November 2012 to 10:00 CST, 24 November 2012
Schedule: Passed

Tomorrow is the final day of DreamHack Winter 2012. There's only one game left to be played and that's ofcourse the Grand Finals! The finals will start at 10:00 CDT. Follow the Grand Final thorugh (exact link will be added asap).

More information can be found in the ESR DreamHack Winter 2012 Coverage post. There's also a tournament website with the groups and brackets.

Configs, huds and demos can be found on
Demos of the finals along with a pack including all demos will be posted tomorrow after the finals.

Thanks to Dreamhack, the sponsors Kingston HyperX, Plantronic GameCom & Twitch.TV, the streamers and ofcourse the players for a very good tournament!

Configs / demos: (Updated with all demos)
Video on demand: Day 1, Day 2
International Coverages: France E-Sport France, Russia Good

IRC: mIRC #DreamHack.Quake, mIRC #leveluptv
Official Links: ESR DreamHack Winter 2012 Coverage post, Tournament website
Streams: (Grand Final @ DreamHack TV)