Hey everybody,

Maintenance is now underway. We’re in the process of deploying a major update for Quake Champions today that will resolve the following issues:

Game Balance

Small Health and Light Armor now grant a consistent value of +25 HP/AP respectively
Improved issues with predictive spawns in Duels

Game Options

Added Auto Weapon Swap option in Game Settings. Players may now automatically switch to a weapon upon pick-up.

Projectile Updates & Fixes

Numerous issues resulting in Rocket Launcher miss hits resolved
Addressed issues when Rocket Launcher might have miss hits after player used active ability
Resolved desync for the projectile that was shot in midair right before players death
Rocket Launcher client-side hit prediction and server-side validation have been improved
Deterministic shot simulation for rockets implemented
Fixed issue where Rocket Launcher projectiles could fly sideways, such that the projectile would be sidewise, not the trajectory

Game Client Fixes

Various memory leaks fixed
Outgoing client traffic optimization improved
UI can now show more than 20 friends in friends list
Addressed issues where users sometimes were unable to fire weapons and lost other functionality, such as only being able to shoot the machinegun (mostly reported by and affecting Canadian players on certain ISPs)
Fixed issue when client could freeze when user changed target display
Load on demand memory optimization support added

Champions Balance

Hero Lighting updated to colorize teammates and enemies at a closer range
Auto-outlining enemies within 256u now instead of 120u

Updated animations to reduce lean while strafing

BJ Blazkowicz
Reduced Dual Wield cooldown from 50 to 48 second
Increased Dual Wield rate of fire for Shotgun, Tri-bolt, Rocket Launcher, and Railgun

+25 Health Points
Removed movement penalty while using the Mining Drill

DOOM Slayer
Improved Leap Strike while in Berserk

+25 max Armor Points

Plasma Trail can now be performed in any direction

Increased the weapon fire delay after Acid Spit from 600 ms to 1 second
Reduced Acid Spit damage over time (DOT) from 10 to 7, reducing a max of 50 damage to 35 damage

Changed Piercing Sight VO announcement from global to client-side only
Reduced the cooldown for Piercing Sight from 45 to 43 seconds

Weapon Balance

Nailgun (Starting)
Increased rate of fire, resulting in 100 to 133 DPS

Super Shotgun
Lowered spread from 800 to 750

Improved visibility of bolts
Bolts explode on impact with enemies (full 50 damage)

Economy Updates

Double XP Weekend from Thursday, October 5th to Monday, October 9th
Reduced price of Vanity from 600 to 500 platinum
Reduced the dismantle shards for vanity from 150 to 120
Increased the shards given for duplicate champions from 150 to 200
Increased the drop rate for icons & nameplates in backpacks
The following bundles will be removed from the store as of October 5, 2017:
Quake 1 Rocket Bundle
Quake 2 Railgun Bundle
Quake 3 Machinegun Bundle
Quake 4 Lightning Gun Bundle
El Diablo Shotgun Bundle
Vanity – Phase Projector
The following new bundles will be added to the store as of October 5, 2017:
Ranger Raider Complete Set
Ranger Shambler Head
QR3-LL Rocket Launcher
Starter Shader Pack

Vanity Updates

Added Flames head and torso attachments to Anarki’s Bone Daddy costume

Lore System Updates & Fixes

VO "Lore Found" will now only play for the player who reveals the Lore Scroll
Players can no longer earn lore scrolls without completing the match
Lore scroll fixes made to mitigate the farming of scrolls

Gore System Updates

Fixed issue where rag doll could clip through the floor
Fixed issue where no death animation would play upon certain deaths

Audio Updates & Fixes

Win / Loss music added to the post-match Victory Podium
Jumppads now trigger a sound when a player jumps onto the pad, in addition to stepping onto it.
Constructor (Q4 Nailgun) had an in-world audible hum, that is now client-side only

UI Updates

Home screen Champion VO and animations added
Both icons and nameplates are now present on the contact list
Visual update to the post-match Victory Podium, including nameplates
Invite to party now present in context menu in in-menu chat
Store tab art updated
Discounts are shown on price tags in the Store UI

Champion Fixes

All Champions
First person weapon animations are no longer missing
Lore sets can no longer be mixed with other costume sets
Fixed issue where some shaders could be applied to some lore sets including Ruby-Nyx
Active abilities can now be used while crouched
Active abilities issued immediately before a player’s death, no longer activate upon respawn
Enemies no longer collide with each other when both players are in motion

Should no longer float above his board while in the Match Lobby

DOOM Slayer
Added the Silent Protagonist passive ability to the UI
Fixed issue where Leap Strike would lock onto a moving enemy but the punch would fail to connect
Model should now be correctly displayed during Battle Report
Fixed the 4 second delay after Berserk ends where the player couldn't zoom weapons
Fixed issue where head and helmet could not be shot due to misaligned hitbox
Crosshair should now turn red when locked onto an enemy

Fixed issue where the screen animation was missing transparency on her hand

Fixed issue where Ranger could teleport twice during one Dire Orb throw in rare conditions
Fixed issue where Dire Orb would make no sound when thrown out or when flying through the air

Fixed low resolution textures in Main Menu

Fixed issue where enemy and teammate arrows sometimes were not visible
Fixed low-resolution textures in Main Menu

Weapon Fixes

All Weapons
Fixed issue where players received too much ammo when picking up weapons already in their inventory
Corrected weapon respawn times in newly released maps
Fixed issue where HUD overlay could disappear from zoomed weapons when weapons where switched back and forth while remaining zoomed

Fixed the DOOM 2 Super Shotgun reload animation
Fixed issue where sometimes the shotgun would fire without animating the hands

Rocket Launcher
Fixed issue with the Q3R-LL Rocket Launcher excessive bloom while power-up shader was applied

Lightning Gun
Fixed issue where LG could mishit with very fast mouse flicks.

Fixed issue where hit detection on enemies was inconsistent when shooting near the corners of geometry

Medal & Rune Fixes

Combo Kill and Headshot medals should now be rewarded properly
Economy Fixes

Fixed issue where duplicate items awarded inconsistent amount of shards
Fixed issue where some vanity Items were invisible when dropping from loot boxes
Fixed issue where prices on vanity items could appear in shards instead of platinum
Fixed issue where players could not purchase items with discounts

Map Updates & Fixes

Blood Covenant
Scrags now roam outside the map environment
Glowing effects removed near Rocket launcher pick-up locations
Ranger can no longer use Dire Orb to transport into a pillar near the jumppad at Obelisk A
Ranger can no longer use Dire Orb to transport under map and teleport inside of Obelisk A
Fixed various reported holes

Blood Run
Addressed issue where players could respawn too close to their attacker

Burial Chamber
Addressed issue where players could get into restricted Obelisk areas when not playing Sacrifice

Church of Azathoth
Corrected weapon respawn times
Addressed issue where players could land and stand behind the central jump pad
Various collision fixes.

Fixed various reported holes

Tempest Shrine
A gap in the stair geometry allowing Ranger to Dire Orb outside of the intended play space has been closed
Players should no longer see enemy markers through walls
Fixed various issues where some FX created blinking or flashing lights

Custom Game Fixes

Lobby owner can no longer change custom game settings after initiating match start

Rematch Fixes

While Waiting for Players, partied players should no longer be assignable to different teams
Players should no longer see ‘Waiting for Players’ screen when joining into a rematch in progress
Rematch should no longer begin with uneven teams when an even number of players agreed to the rematch
Players should no longer get stuck on ‘Waiting for Players’ stage

Onboarding/Tutorial Fixes

Various collision issues on Basic Training fixed
Targets in the shooting hall should no longer spawn inside or too close to the wall geometry
Players should no longer spawn backwards, facing the gate in the starting room

Spectator Fixes

Fixed issue where spectators could not hear some sounds
Camera should no longer show players from third person when set to first person follow
Lagging should no longer occur when changing player while spectating

UI Fixes

Fixed issue where incorrect match results could be shown at the end of Duel Matches. It will now show combined results instead of last round results.
Fixed issue where Duel Scoreboard medals from first round wouldn't appear in latter rounds
Fixed issue where Rematch text persisted on screen after times expired
Fixed issue where visual artifacts appeared in the customization Picture in Picture item previews (PiP)
Fixed issue where some items displayed the incorrect PiP scene
Fixed issue where some epic costume sets could not be sold
Fixed issue where some epic costume pieces could not be sold if attachments had been unlocked
Fixed issue where some champions did not correctly fold their hands when previewing Vanity items customizations
Fixed issue where players could unintentionally move more than one slider at a time
Fixed issue where Voice Chat button would revert to default key binding when the game was launched
Fixed issue where camera would not rotate to display items on the back of champions
Fixed issue where Sorlag's egg vanity was not centered in the PiP thumbnail
Fixed issue where some champions' costume and vanity PiP thumbnails were misaligned
Fixed issue where DOOM Slayer's customization screen camera would show his side instead of his front
Fixed issue where player’s enemy in Duel could have their profile level incorrectly displayed as Level 0
Added a notification when the Custom Game lobby owner leaves and aborts the match lobby
Fixed issue where an extra digit could appear on the Sacrifice scoreboard
Fixed issue where some uncommon items were color-coded gray instead of green.
Fixed issue where some rare items were color-coded purple instead of blue
Fixed issue where some epic items were color-coded blue instead of purple
Fixed issue where the announcer would fail to announce the rarity-level for some epic drops in loot boxes
Fixed issue where tabs in customization were unclickable under some conditions
Fixed issue where key bindings pop up menu could not inform the user how to rebind or exit the pop up
Fixed issue where Voice Chat icon was present in game modes where voice chat was not supported
Fixed issue where many patterned shaders appeared in low-resolution
Fixed issue where many shaders appeared darker than intended
Fixed issue where unused search and filter UI elements were not hidden in the Store UI
Updated window when player declines legal documents

Steam Fixes

Fixed issue where Auto-login feature could not fail after accepting legal
Fixed issue where users received "Verify E-mail Address" pop-up when first launching Quake with a Steam account already linked to
Fixed issue where users couldn't use special symbols in password textbox
Removed email account confirmation from account creation flow
Removed "Automatically set, but can be switched manually" from account creation flow
Fixed issue where players could launch .exe from the game files folder structure and bypass the launcher

Known Issue

Enemy arrows may remain on the Champion Select screen after you die. These arrows only show the position of enemies at the time you died. Arrows do not update the location of enemy players while you are dead.
Clutches mining beam may remain on screen momentarily after death if it’s on when killed
In Custom Game, the selected map levelshot will not be visible after the lobby owner has begun the Match Start sequence
Tribolt God medal not rewarding properly