Another ZOTAC Qualifier cup #2 is coming in a few hours and we promised to release a few new sign ups before it starts. I'm getting very excited because there's more and more players signing up every day.

We've decide to invite Russia Cooller, Sweden toxjq, Germany k1llsen, Sweden Spart1e and United States of America rapha. With these 5 players invited that leaves two more for the ZOTAC Qualifier Cup #2 and another 4 players for us to invite. So apply for a spot soon if you want to play at DreamHack Winter. The sign up is open for about another week, it closes the 10th of november (yes, the rules state that 17th is the last sign up date but that has been changed).

Please spread the word and ask all TDM teams to sign up. I hope that we can manage at least 10-12 teams for the tournament.

Links: Dreamhack TDM, DreamHack Duel, ZOTAC #108 Cup Site - mIRC #Dreamhack.Quake