With less than two weeks left before the DreamHack Winter 2011 kicks off with two awesome tournaments it's time to announce all the players and teams attending. Seeds for the duel tournament will be released together will the final TDM update next week. The sign up time for TDM has yet not expired, so if you want to go don't hesitate to send in an application before Wednesday (17/11).

The last duel spots will go to Portugal Insan3, Sweden madix, Belgium dem0n and all the way from Australia Australia Ventz. I think it's also noteworthy that the grand final for the duel tournament will be played in the brand new DreamHack AMD SAPHIRE Arena. Which will be inside the hockey arena just next to the DreamHack venue. The Quake Live Duel final will be played just before the StarCraft 2 final, so I expect all the 4 000 seats to be filled!
Currently we have 6 TDM teams signed up, but I expect us to get around 10-12 teams until the sign up time runs out.

Links: DreamHack Announcement - mIRC #Dreamhack.Quake