Shortly before leaving for Sweden, Germany moppz from derQuaker interviewed United Kingdom Disrepute and United Kingdom nVc from Level Up TV about DreamHack Winter 2011 and their streaming business.

Here is a small snippet:
moppz: "How do split your work at Level Up? Nvc ist the guy with knowledge and disrepute is the guy that gets all the girls?"

nVc: "Thatís a suprisingly difficult question for all the wrong reasons. We are only as active as the game we cover, and unfortunately Quake Live hasnít been (and isnít) in the greatest shape."

Disrepute: "It is split pretty equally. I do all the online streams and nvc does a perfectly equal amount of nothing. So it is a pretty good balance. Sometimes nvc does a little more nothing than I do something and he rightly tells me off for this. Trance then comes in and calms the kids down, and we live happily ever after. Then I get all the girls xxxxxxxxx"

Be sure to check out the full interview on derQuaker.