A4tech X7 X-710BF
Price: 15
Size: 121mm x 68mm x 36mm
Shape: Right-handed
Buttons: 6
Wheel: Vertical
Sensor: Optical
Resolution: 1000 DPI
USB Rate: 125 Hz

The final mouse in my tests, almost a wild card, is the A4tech X7 gaming mouse. I don't know the company very well, but they claim to have a high quality mouse for a reasonable price. The X7 I picked up had a faux snake-skin cover on the top, which looked and felt rather better than it seems written down. The shape of the body is symmetrical, but A4tech put buttons and an extra grip panel on the left side meaning it has been designed mainly for right-handed players. The mouse wheel is semi-transparent and lights up in a colour to indicate your current DPI setting, changeable between 400, 600, 800 and 1000 by clicking the button just behind the wheel. A4tech are also the only company to put teflon pads on either side of the mouse sensor, I would assume to ensure that the sensor remains at the same height on uneven surfaces. This seems like a sensible move.

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My X7 mouse also featured an extra button just between the left button and the wheel that acts as a triple left click with just one press. Apparently this is useful for firing quickly in some games, or just for an easy double-click in Windows. While I don't have a problem with double clicking myself, I can see how this extra button may have some use.

A4tech X7 Response Graph

I wasn't sure what to make of A4tech's mouse, but the results were a pleasant suprise. The mouse has Perfect Control all the way up to 2.23 m/s (88"/s), after which it hits the Malfunction Speed. This is beyond what I considered fast movements for Low Sens players, and with 1000 DPI it really will perform well for all styles of play. For a budget mouse, the X7 outperforms many of its more expensive rivals. It does Malfunction before the ludicrous top speeds of the MX518, G1 and Razer optical mice, but if you only look at Perfect Control the X7 actually beats them.

Perfect Control: 2.23 m/s (88"/s)
Malfunction Speed: 2.23 m/s (88"/s)
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