Logitech MX518
Price: 35
Size: 130mm x 70mm x 36mm
Shape: Right-handed
Buttons: 8
Wheel: Vertical
Sensor: Optical
Resolution: 1600 DPI
USB Rate: 125 Hz

Logitech flagship of the MX range is the MX518. Unlike the others, this mouse is marketed as gaming-grade. The bodyshape is identical to the MX500; curvy and ergonomically designed to fit the right hand. Logitech put a holographic look material on the main body instead of the usual metallic finish grey plastic. It looks as if the mouse has been battered around, then packaged up into the box. Personally I find the look a little strange, but check out the photos to see if you like the design.

Click for larger photos

Like the MX500, there are 8 separate buttons in the same positions. Also Logitech have upgraded the sensor in this mouse to 1600 DPI with a 16 bit data path. There are no extra LEDs on the mouse and the body is opaque so you don't get any glow effect from the mouse.

Logitech MX518 Response Graph

As we can see, the MX518 has Perfect Control up to 2.03 m/s (80"/s). Like the Razer Diamondback I was unable to make this mouse skip even at the fastest speed I could test at, 4.5 m/s (177"/s). The resolution was measured accurately to be 1600 DPI as expected.

Overclocking the USB port had no effect on the maximum response rate.

The other mice comparable to the MX518 are the Razer Krait and Diamondback, since they also have 1600 DPI optical sensors. The MX518 slightly outperforms both Razer mice because the Linear Limit is slightly higher. Since the MX518 is a larger mouse some gamers may prefer the shape, and I personally like the button layout since you can hold the mouse without accidental clicks.

The Logitech MX518's claim of being gaming-grade is entirely justified. The sensor has enough DPI for the High Sens players, and enough linear response to work perfectly well for those with Low Sens. The mouse will never skip when gaming. There are enough buttons to customise all the controls you like. The only real problem is that left-handers will look at you enviously when you use this mouse.

Perfect Control: 2.03 m/s (80"/s)
Malfunction Speed: > 4.5 m/s (177"/s)
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