Creative Fatal1ty 2020
Price: 50
Size: 105mm x 66mm x 33mm
Shape: Right-handed
Buttons: 5
Wheel: Vertical
Sensor: Laser
Resolution: 2700 DPI
USB Rate: 500 Hz

After testing the disappointing 1010 mouse, I was hoping for better results on the premium model 2020. The shape of the Creative Fatal1ty 2020 mouse is identical, a squat body designed to be held by the fingertips in a claw grip.

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The front of the mouse again has three buttons and separate wheel as with the 1010, meaning you either put your fingers on the left button, wheel and right button, or just on the three buttons ignoring the wheel. Again there is a thumb button on the left side, the Fatali1ty logo lit up in white, and the weight system which lets you quickly put in a variety of different masses. The difference with this mouse is the laser sensor rated at 2400 DPI changeable by the same transparent button, which lights up in a colour to represent your current resolution. Also the USB port is set to 500 Hz sampling by the software supplied with the mouse.

Creative Fatal1ty 2020 Response Graph

Perfect Control for the 2020 goes up to 1.17 m/s (46"/s) after which the mouse response is clipped. Skipping doesn't start until 1.6 m/s (63"/s). These results actually mean that the Creative Fatali1ty 2020 is less prone to skipping than all the other laser mice tested! This is fairly astonishing considering how badly their optical mouse performs. If the 2020 mouse did not exhibit response clipping it would outperform the Logitech laser mice on Perfect Control too, but the G3 and G5 have no clipping and therefore do slightly better.

I was quite astonished to measure the resolution of the Creative 2020 at 2700 50 DPI, rather than their spec of 2400. I retested the mouse many times but always got the same figure of 2700 DPI, so I'll just have to assume Creative were being shy with their numbers.

As with the other Creative model, the 1010, this mouse is not designed for gamers that use the wheel to play, and the claw grip is quite a departure from how you would normally hold a mouse. However the laser sensor, actually performs quite well and is less prone to skipping than its rivals. Having said that, like all the laser mice, the 2020 does not perform as well as the best optical examples. It just performs better than the 1010.

High Sens players will get good performance out of this mouse, assuming they don't want to use the mousewheel to play and like the claw-style grip. If you like to change the weight of your mouse often then I consider you a strange individual. However this mouse might be for you, with its pop-out pop-in weights.

Perfect Control: 1.17 m/s (46"/s)
Malfunction Speed: 1.60 m/s (63"/s)
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