Logitech MX300
Price: 15
Size: 115mm x 60mm x 33mm
Shape: Symmetrical
Buttons: 4
Wheel: Vertical
Sensor: Optical
Resolution: 400 DPI
USB Rate: 125 Hz

Logitech released it's MX series four years ago now but many gamers still use them. The MX300 is the smallest in the range, with a simple shape reminiscent of the original pilot ball mice.

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Logitech jazzed up the design with metallic grey plastic and black rubber, with transparent side panels that glow from the optical sensor light. This was Logitech's first foray into higher DPI mice, claiming a resolution of 800 DPI on the MX300. There are the usual 2 main buttons and wheel/button at the front of the mouse, but just behind the wheel is one extra button that can be customised to any function.

Logitech MX300 (125 Hz) Response Graph

A few things are immediately apparently from the graph. Firstly is that there is a massive amount of clipping on the response at 15800 counts per second and 1 m/s (40"/s), as we saw on Microsoft mice running at 125 Hz. Also the mouse does not start malfunctioning until the very high speed of 3.91 m/s (154"/s).

Logitech claim that this mouse runs at 800 DPI. However my test measured the gradient of the linear portion at only 400 DPI. Of course I checked and double checked every detail of the setup and the driver installation, but the mouse definitely had a resolution of 400 DPI. It's possible I have an older model than the specifications I read on the website, and maybe someone from Logitech can shed some light on the subject, but my tests are 100% positive that the mouse has a resolution of 400 DPI.

The next step was to overclock the USB port to 1000Hz to see if I could stop the clipping of the mouse response at speeds higher than 1 m/s.

Logitech MX300 (1000 Hz) Response Graph

The MX300 showed the most incredible performance boost of any mouse with overclocking. The clipping problems is completely solved, and we find that the mouse has Perfect Control all the way up to 3.91 m/s (154"/s).

While the mouse resolution appears to be 400 DPI and not 800 as marked this mouse does perform superbly, displaying the highest range of Perfect Control. The Malfunction Speed is only reached at extreme speeds, most likely beyond anything a player can throw at the mouse, so effectly a gamer would get perfect linear tracking from this mouse no matter how fast they throw it around. The only downside of the mouse is its standard 400 DPI, which is not the 800 specified so this isn't the perfect mouse for high sens players. With only four buttons you won't be able to bind all your game functions to the mouse, if that's how you play. Also the MX300 is so old now that it is hard to find in stores or online.

The MX300 doesn't have some of the design features that make some other mice very good looking, but if you're just after raw performance its a winner.

Perfect Control: 1 m/s (40"/s) [3.91 m/s (154"/s) @ 1000Hz]
Malfunction Speed: 3.91 m/s (154"/s)
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