One time I was just sitting in IRC and writing some news articles when this suddenly came in:

(Daishi) wanker
(c58-Lexx) what a nice query window I have - Daishi from ESReality, the almighty and wise admin, calling me a wanker
(c58-Lexx) I better save this into a special folder, k?
(Daishi) lexx, you ARE a wanker
(c58-Lexx) Is there anything else on your bright mind, mister "I know it all better than the rest"?
(Daishi) this isn't a view only I hold, the rest agree with me.
(c58-Lexx) The rest - bunch of wannabe-admins who believe that if they say: "YOU ROCK DAISHI! I WANNA BE JUST LIKE YOU" they will become Site Admins?
(Daishi) everyone except for you lexx.

Just felt like posting this to public. Oh, and it all started after I parted the #LOEW chan with: "I see where this tourney is going to" quote. What was this quote like? With great power comes great responsibility, right. Ignorant ESR fanbois are not welcome to post comments, therefore - they will be treated the special way.