god/consciousness/oneness? do you think it still exists as a backbone of our reality?

i think the word god is often misunderstood and can be described in this analogy about blind men and an elephant and everyone has different ideas what elephant is because they can't see the whole elephant and argue because their experience is based on their own interpretation of what an elephant is.


i have this overall theory of god as underlying dimensionless timeless state from which everything comes including all the dimensions and possible multi-verses. meaning there is one single origin from which everything comes like vacuum that serves as space in which objects appear. i don't think god is either good or bad but rather as origin of universe and everything that is including laws of physics, space-time etc.

if you are atheist please relax, my version of god doesn't condemn you to eternal hell as i don't believe hell or heaven to be the ultimate reality of god and origin of universe etc.

"Theism is broadly defined as the belief in the existence of the Supreme Being or deities."

i don't believe in deity or dietes or that god is anything like a thinking human with super-intelect etc. for me the word god represents "source of everything" and is not some judge that judges peoples actions and requires sacrifice or adorship etc.

and to calm some blind believers that science is the end all be all of what is and isn't here is a nice article that describes all the ways in which science is manipulated by governments and corporations throughout history


my purpose is not to incite religious wars but rather understand what god is through discussion as it helps me understand and question my false beliefs or mistakes to zero as i have no clue what's on my mind about this topic until i start discussing it here with you.

i am basically "science meets god" kind of person and i stand for scientific or at least logical explanation of what is god.


found this video on unified field theory that might be actually close to this concept of god and universe as one unified thing