The Blackout TDM tournament begins this week, with matches commencing as of next Wednesday. In the build up to Blackout we will be looking to provide some thoughts on currently registered teams, chiefly, to allow players unfamiliar with the scene to get an idea of who’s who, but also to give teams a chance promote themselves. In addition to a brief analysis, we’ll also rank the teams, and predictions of where we think teams will place.

Finally, we have also conducted a series of short interviews with players across the board. Altogether we managed to get many players to talk to us, all of which will be included. Players that responded include, Q3TDM legend Sweden Reptile, highlight reel jammers Finland ahxnxa, Finland ovo and Netherlands Terifire, as well a slew of other players.

1. Control Denied
2. Curious Apes
3. Dead-Serious Cows
4. Dumbledore's Army
5. Heffalumps
7. opk
9. red
10. The Russian Eights 8)
11. Supersonic Sexmachines
12. Teamless
13. Tiffany Aching
14. Team ZEN

This segment was completed with the help of Canada Mesta, Switzerland myT, United Kingdom ShadyAK and Russia velez. Thank You for your help! Make sure you [+] them! Get Promode!

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