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Rating: 8.9 (69 votes)
My Christmas present in advance to the Quakeworld community. Because this game was, is, and will be the best.

Made with nquake, some .lit files, a nice cfg, shot @60fps and 720p. Repaired with Virtual Dub because ezquake breaks .avi files half of the time. Edited with After Effects and a lot of elbow grease. Music by Black Strobe - I'm a Man on Burn Your Own Church and HTRK - Sweetheart EP.

Starring: Bps, Del, Empwnz, Ganon, Genie, Jissse, Milton, Nph_, Od, Peww, Razor[X], Rikoll, Rst, Votary, VVD.

Many Thanks to ganon for helping me out, Milton for sending me great demos, Rikoll for raping me, and Princess_faerie for being a pain in the ass. Keep sending me demos, I hope to make more of this. You can contact me @ Jissse on irc.Quakenet.org, #qw.fr . Hugs and Kisses to the Quakeworld players.

720p download added thanks to Maverick! Register to igmdb.org. Director's Cut available.