It's that time again to show everyone why CPM is the best FPS around. Dig into those demo archives for those epic frags, or dust off that mouse pad and create some new ones. Stop playing DOTA and Starcraft and play some more fuckin promode.

- CPM demos only, of course
- Duel, 2v2, CTF, CTFS, TDM, NTF, CA
- Absolutely no fake / staged frags
- Flag caps, quad runs, holy shits, midairs, rails, funny shit / bloopers, etc (Anything extraordinary and movie worthy)
- State your desired country / nationality to be displayed, when sending demos
- If your frag is on an obscure custom map, please include it in your e-mail
- Not all demos are guranteed to be used

I would prefer if everyone used myT's demo tools to properly cut their demos to the specific frags. (Please cut the demos with a reasonable amount of time, leave at least 7-10 seconds before and after the frag / event). You don't have to enter Q3 to cut the demos, it's all done within the tool itself.


If you're not going to bother with the demo tool, then please timestamp the demo properly for when the frag / event occurs.

Proper demo labeling example:

Send all demos to