Hello pals,

I doubt any of you know me but I am much like you all, a Quake fanatic (I like my Quakes how I like my women: smooth and flexible [Air Control pls]). I've been reasoning with myself for a few years now as to just why should I play Quake-Live. I'm not a beginner when it comes to Quake games, I have a great understanding as to how and why the game works, but to me Quake-Live is a completely different gem.

It seems to me that Quake-Live is some-how still on its pedestal as being "That Quake game" at the moment, when people today refer to Quake they usually mean to Quake-Live. I'm quite elitist upon hearing someone say something idiotic such as "How come you can move around corners in QuakeWorld? This is like Quake" - Only for me to berate them afterwards in explaining to them that this actually is Quake and that Quake-Live is what I call the anti-FPS. My only reasoning for this is that I dislike several things about Quake-Live that have stopped me from playing it or even relatively liking it.

The only reason that I see Quake-Live to be played today is that its the only game around that still has an active scene, if you could call it that. I've heard rumors before about players moving back a game or two due to the fact that Quake-Live isn't all that great. Quake-Live has money in it, Quake-Live has streams for it, Quake-Live also has the ~odd~ LAN event now and then. But to me I rather play a game depending if I like it, whether its fast enough for my speed-taste and correctness.

So, ESReality - Why do you play Quake-Live? I'm not asking why people play it but rather why you play it. I'm currently bored of other games right now, they're either not up to what I want them to be, they're not active enough. Convince me to play Quake-Live, go ahead.

Mind you, Shootmania is around the corner - But I need something to fill the time - And Shootmania looks a bit backwards at the moment - alpha is alpha.