The Quake 3 mapping competition has ended and judging will start soon! The judging map pack can now be downloaded. Judging should start within a week and finish about a week after that.

The gracious sponsors of this mapping competition are Massacre Servers, Lunar Module, CG Textures, Luxology, Ready Up Radio, Sapphire Technology, Wacom, Kot-in-Action and id Software.

The judges are:
- United States of America Adam "SyncError" Pyle from id Software
- Canada Chad "Despair" Younger maker of Overgrowth
- United States of America Joe "nineX" Szymkowicz from Ready Up Radio
- United States of America Kevin "Anthem" Lower from Team Event Horizon
- Netherlands Jeffrey "draven" Debipersad from LowLandLions
- Canada Andrew "gellehsak" Ryder

Huge thanks to all of them for helping to make this competition a success.

Satanic(FFA, TDM), Sanctum (DM/TDM), Fluorescent (CTF)

And the winners are...
1st Ferdinand "cityy" List with 'Fluorescent'
2nd Tom "Phantazm11" Perryman with 'Windsong Keep'
3rd Russell "bst" Vint with 'Terminatria'
4th Patrick "kaffeewunder" horn with 'knc_dm3'
5th Justin "StormShadow" Ingels with 'Satanic'
6th David "Noruen" Adámek with 'Penumbra'
7th Pawel "ShadoW" Chrapka with 'Sanctum'
8th Peter "fKd" Ward with 'Server Overload'
9th Ricardo "EmeraldTiger" Stevenson with 'Tactical Assault'
10th DaEngineer and Bliccer with 'Roman Duel'
11th Fubsy with 'Fbtdm1'
12th Anthony "Kaustic" Tullo with 'Damed Be Thy Name'
13th Andy "dONKEY" Dunn with 'dk_ng3'
14th Hendrik "InsaneKid" Berger with 'Ebirah'

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