Scheduled: 03:30 CST, 26 November 2009 to 09:00 CST, 27 November 2009
Schedule: Passed

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In collaboration between myself, id software's TTimo, the Dreamhack staff, United States of America Marcus "djWHEAT" Graham and United States of America GreasedScotsman of, we will be providing live video coverage of the the entire group and bracket stage of the event. We have also changed the groups around so that we can cover all of the main matches of the group stage, and have provided a (very loose) schedule. All the action starts at thursday 04:00 CST.

Additional commentary will be provided by United Kingdom 2GD, United States of America Slasher, and Australia clampOK. Watch it all at

Thursday schedule

03:30 CST Dreamhack Pre-game show
04:00 CST United States of America DaHanG vs Sweden Z4muZ
04:00 CST United States of America destrukt vs Sweden fazz
04:30 CST Russia Cooller vs France link1n
05:00 CST Sweden fox vs Poland av3k
06:30 CST Sweden Spart1e vs Iceland linKoo
07:00 CST Sweden Madix vs France Strenx
07:30 CST Italy Stermy vs United States of America chance
09:00 CST Round of 16 TBA
10:00 CST Quarterfinals TBA

The day 2 stream of the semifinals and finals starts on Friday at 03:00 CST will be done by djWHEAT at United Kingdom 2GD and United Kingdom Joe will also be streaming the semifinals and finals live on the DreamArena stream.

Alternate Streams: GameSports, lvl^