I've started to think alot about filesharing lately and the problems surrounding it. To me, filesharing has done more good than bad (probably because im not a musician or actor), i probably wouldnt know half of the bands I listen to today if it wasnt for piracy. But when does piracy become a crime?

I think I have a very good example here, and this made me really question why I support this whole community of filesharers in the first place. In Sweden we have this series of Beck movies that has been going on since the middle of the 80's, easily comparable to the Bond movies in a way. They recently recorded 8 new Beck movies here in Sweden and i've been anxiously looking forward to them for a long time. The first of the 8 movies came out on cinemas about 3 months ago and I went straight to seeing it. Then the plan was for the next 2-3 Beck movies out of the 8 to be released on DvD. The thing is, the first one (wich was to be released in december on dvd), is already out on the internet. My moral dilemma: Do I download it?

Musicians have the power to get money from other things than their CD's selling well. Im thinking about merchandise and concerts. Actors / Directors doesnt have that kind of luxury, they have to get their founds from movie tickets or dvd sales. Thats why im sickened of this DvD being released on the net so fucking early as 2 months before the actual release in the stores. I have a really hard time now trying to defend people that downloads movies compared to music, atleast it isnt a dead race just because I grab some album, but it is if I grab some movie :|