Since the sign-up time for Quake Live at DreamHack Summer 2011 ended today it's about time to reveal all the players and teams going to DreamHack.

There will be an impressive 14 TDM teams attending and a even more so impressive 16 player duel line up.

Who's going to claim the first QL TDM LAN-trophy?
Will cypher defend his title as the current DreamHack Champion?

Russia agent was not able to attend to DreamHack because of visa and passport issues. agent will be replaced by Russia evil. Sweden toxjq also decided to withdraw from the duel line up, though he still will play in the TDM tournament. toxjq will be replaced by United Kingdom zsx.

Seeds will be made and published in about a week.

Links: TDM Line-ups, Duel Players - mIRC #Dreamhack.Quake