Hello everyone :)

I would like to announce Quake3e there - it is my own client/server modification based on ioquake3.r1160 with upstream patches applied.

It can be downloaded from there

This modification aims to be fully compatible with all mods while trying to be fast, reliable and bug-free.

Key stuff from ioq3 team:
- countless security, performance and bug-fixes
- much improved autocompletion, persistent console command history
- fast downloads feature (via http/ftp redirection)
- \r_flares 1 :)

My stuff, more detailed:
- native 64-bit support (x86 windows/linux)
- unlagged (raw) mouse input with overflow protection
- additional bind keys (windows,scrollock etc), ability to press all keys [excl.Esc] during demo playback
- in_minimize hotkey (easy hide/restore, win-only)
- keyboard behavior equal for windows and linux clients
- fast downloads via smb(windows share)-redirection for lazy people :)
- smart server restart technique for long non-stop game series
- GTV-compatibility switch (sv_levelTimeReset)
- improved gfx smoothness, hardened qvm filesystem layer
- some additional speed optimizations and bugfixes
- ALSA support

Windows version doesn't require any extra dlls to run, linux client may require libcurl/libasound for corresponding functionality

Have fun :)