If you missed the Quake Live 1on1 tournament from swedish DreamHack Winter 2009 on thursday/day 1 you can still watch some recorded VODs on ustream.tv and levelupyourgame.

Playoffs schedule on friday/day 2

Four players are left in the tournament, the starting matches will be Italy stermy vs Sweden Z4muZ and Russia Cooller vs Poland av3k. Because of Z4muZ mouse problems and sound problems from Stermy the matches will be slightly delayed. djWHEAT.tv and Quake-Live.tv wont be streaming today but LevelUp jumps in with United States of America Slasher on the mic and also United Kingdom 2GD & United Kingdom Joe from ESL TV will shoutcasting the final match.

Final standing
cup_gold 1st: Poland Maciej "av3k" Krzykowski - 2400€
cup_silver 2nd: Sweden Alexander "Z4muZ" Ihrfors - 1455€
cup_bronze 3rd: Russia Anton "Cooller" Singov - 970€
4th: Italy Alessandro "Stermy" Avallone
Live Streams:
- DreamArena.se with 2GD & Joe from ESL TV, Justin.tv, DH-Justin
- LevelUpyourgame.net with Slasher, c.zeroboy.net/lvlup, mIRC #lvl^
- GameSports with gS-Jay

fragster.de fragster.de - Groupstage, Playoff - Photo gallery Thursday/Friday/Saturday - Interviews dkt, madix, Z4muZ
SK Gaming sk-gaming - After game statements on video -1- -2- -3- -4-
Justin.tv - VODs Grand Final with 2GD & Joe
LevelUp - VODs friday with Slasher (howtoplay)

Grand Final av3k vs Z4muZ
Demopack various

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