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The main concern I have had so far, while reading the comments to ReLoaDeD cup announcement and other ReLoaDeD topics on ESReality website, is that at least the so called "veterans/players of QUAKE” do not have tolerance for players of other mods or older versions of QUAKE. In other words, I see that players of some particular mods think that the real Quake is the mod they have been playing for a very long time, and they even deter from calling the players of other gametypes (like insta, freezetag), who have been playing QUAKE as long as they have been playing theirs, QUAKERS.

In these days, during which people discuss how to save QL, taking this as a base prerogative, the problem I want to put forward in this column is the severe and unfair, negative attitude towards "veteran players" of other QUAKE versions, calling them "noobs", and flaming them just because they play those mods or versions. I have difficulty in understanding why, these so called "veterans/players of QUAKE", are so narrow minded and blatantly self-confident in ignoring players of other gametypes/mods/versions. I think all real QUAKERS must already have grown enough, since they have been playing it for 10 or more years, to start showing respect for each other, unless they started playing Quake at the age of 2.

According to the recent posts on ESR website, it is nice to see some people think more about how to make QUAKE more active with more players and more newcomers, but I regret to see that many QUAKE players here are ignoring some QUAKE communities, already in existence, instead of appreciating them playing QUAKE. If you are a real QUAKE player, it means that QUAKE is in your blood and your heart pumps this blood through your body 80 times a minute, on average, and is full of it every millisecond. Players of those mods/versions are also playing QUAKE and they are real QUAKERS. You should have no other feelings than RESPECT for them.

To be more clear about their mentality, I would like to present it in simpler terms as follows:

My view is
“Player Plays QUAKE = YES, is he a real QUAKER= YES”

View which many QUAKERS here on ESR have is
“Player Plays QUAKE = YES, Is he a real QUAKER? = “hmm I need more information” “Which version does s/he play?”
1. QL=hmm still not enough, which gametype?
Insta=”they are noobs. Play aw man”. Is he a real QUAKER? = NO
CA=”Heh. Still not fully but maybe?” Is he a real QUAKER? =Why not?
Duel=”Oh this is of course real Quake.” Is he a real QUAKER? =Ofc
&CTF=(I personally couldn’t read enough comments here to know what these people think about this mod)
2. Q4=oh still that version? Is he a real QUAKER? =NO
3. Q3=What? Q What?, Is he a real QUAKER?=NO
4. Q2= You must be kidding. No comment. Is he a real QUAKER? Come on, no need to ask. Ofc not. Don’t ask the rest please.

Funny, isn’t it? I think it is. Because I witness that many people agree on this site that QUAKE (Not QL, QUAKE) requires a lot of time to get as skilled as any average player in QL. It's having a demotivating effect on the new players, as it takes more than a year worth of time, just to get used to all complexity of the game play itself, and this is still not enough to be an average player. However, the same people ignore the player base of old QUAKE versions or other mods who already developed enough skill, already gained the notion of playing Quake, and are highly familiar with the necessary tactical perspective required in QUAKE gameplay. With such an attitude, or approach, how can you make QUAKE more popular? You already exclude the current QUAKERS, even insult them by calling them "noobs", and do not even count them as real QUAKERS. Being a QUAKER is not a title that is given, it is earned. If it was to be given, the so called "veterans/players of QUAKE” wouldn’t be the ones giving the title to anyone who had already spent more than 5 years of their life playing any gametypes/mods/versions of QUAKE, because they already earned the title of QUAKER.

The starting point in the efforts to save QUAKE (not QL actually) should be, in my opinion, respecting and supporting players of QUAKE in any gametypes/mods/versions simply because of the time they spent and their devotion to play QUAKE, a 13 years old game (even QL is 4 years old). Players of QL should not forget that they were once playing Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 and then they ended up in QL. For example, we need to respect people who still play Q1 and we need to appreciate their devotion to play such an old version of QUAKE rather saying "oh noobs still play that". They are Real QUAKERS in my eyes, who are highly valued.

In short, it would be easier to save QUAKE if QUAKERS RESPECTED each other and RESPECTED every individual who spent their time to play QUAKE. We should meet on the common ground, that no matter what QUAKE gametype/mod/version a person plays, s/he is a real QUAKER. We are all QUAKERS and we have the same, sole aim to save QUAKE and we all LOVE playing QUAKE. So for the good of QUAKE, we should support every effort to make a QUAKE played more by any individuals/organizations, because the more QUAKE is played in one gametype/mod/version, the more potential players the other mods have. We have to think those as a door to the QUAKE building and the gametypes/mods/versions as the rooms. When the player is in the building, there is always a higher probability that this player visits your room one day.

The end word but at the same time the starting point is

LOVE QUAKE, LOVE QUAKERS, you will see everything will be better for QUAKE.

Best Regards,