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Coverage: RLDD
What q3reloaded is and what it will be (13 comments)
Posted by @ 14:54 CDT, 6 April 2013 - iMsg
As I get many questions from many people wondering about what q3reloaded will be like accompanied by many other questions, I have decided to write this article about what we currently have and what we have in mind.

In the current Quake scene, there is a high competition and there are many LAN cups with prize money. Although they generate a huge interest by many players, few players can go to the event venue and participate in those events due to high travel, accommodation and participation costs. If the player is working at a company, it is more than impossible to participate those LAN events which are really great. It is also harder to organize such an event from the event organizers’ side because they have to deal with many different variables all at a time. It is always easier for all players to participate an online event rather than a LAN event. However, what’s against such tournaments? Why can’t we see the Online Quake tournaments with high prize money so frequently? In my opinion, it is the gift we receive from the cheaters in the game we play. There are always some cheaters to spoil the joy of the real gamers and give hard time to organizers who are nervous about giving such a prize money to someone who doesn’t win it by his skill, but by his cheat. Especially when you consider even experienced well known players who don’t need cheats to get better were also caught cheating, you lose the sense of trust to anyone and this kills your inner motivation to continue playing this game and participating the online cups as there is always an intolerable possibility that your rival could be cheating. As a result of all these, the regular players are deprived of online cups with high money prizes. Here is where the online gaming gets stuck and it is our starting point. We will try to end this deprivation with the release of q3ReLoaDeD.

There is no cheater detection and banning system on q3r because we follow a pro-active approach against cheating. We focus on removing the possible backdoors that the cheaters could utilize rather than detecting the cheaters and banning them. We think that if we make the current/future cheats useless by using some techniques we develop, there will be no need to detect the cheaters as they won’t already be able to cheat.

Our anticheat solution has 2 phases. The first one is currently implemented on Q3r Alpha version and it is really a solid one against wh. We started with wh because it is the harder to detect and we call it solid because as a result of our pro-active approach against cheaters, the possibility of wallhacking has been disabled through the server. How are we so sure? This module uses such a system that even if the walls are removed or made transparent the enemies behind the walls cannot be seen by the client and still they can only be visible when they are at the doorways or in open areas.

The coder of q3r has successfully integrated this anticheat module to one of the mods of Enemy Territory : Quake Wars and it is currently in use there successfully. When it is integrated to quake 3, it has a drawback though which I think will slightly affect the insta gametype. We will try to get over it though with some techniques the coder has in mind.

The second phase is now being developed. We develop it to be more sure about the blockage of cheating on q3r (and ofc incase if we cannot find a viable solution to the drawback of the current anticheat causes). We are working on a system without dll files in the game folder and a game exe file renewed every 15 days or so. I don’t want to give too much details about it as cheaters may be alert these days and I am sure they won’t lose time to try to get over the anticheat systems of q3r. Shortly, our plan is to use these 2 systems together as anticheat companions so that they will function as 2 doors shut to the face of the cheaters. More importantly, the q3r anticheat modules will be updated regularly so that we will have a flexible but at the same time a rough position against cheaters if something unwanted emerges.
The current q3r version has better texture than q3a and I can say that it is close to Quake Live texture quality as q3r is based on ioquake. On ioquake they have improved the texture quality thanks to its coders.

The current gametypes on q3r are CA, TDM, iTDM, ctf, ictf, duel and Domination. The other gametypes will be added in time.

All these sound good right? We have no problem in integrating the anticheat modules to the q3r game, but what we need help about are in game huds, in game statistics, website implementation and integration, new 3D model development, texture improvement, embedded map designs. With only one coder (highly dedicated though without whom all of these would not be possible) in action it is nearly impossible to complete all these in a short time. It will take time. If you think you can help us in these areas (in game huds, in game statistics, website implementation and integration), please fill in the form below and submit so that we can get in touch and discuss the possibilities. With or without help from anyone the q3r game will be released, it may not satify some people graphically, but it will definitely satisfy many with its anticheat module which is our main focus now. If we can get help in those areas, it will satisfy many in all areas.

If you are a coder who is good at C programming language,
If you are a web developer who can code the server/player stats on q3r user accounts on site,
If you are a graphical artist who can develop 3D models for q3r,
If you are a level designer and if you want your level to be used in q3r,
If you are a composer who can compose music for q3r,
and more importantly if you are willing to take part in the project, please feel free to CLICK HERE and contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Q3 ReLoaDeD is in the Alpha Phase (45 comments)
Posted by @ 09:10 CDT, 31 March 2013 - iMsg
As some of you may already know, we are working on a Q3 client with a solid anticheat feature. It is in the alpha phase now and the alpha team is trying to identify more bugs on it and we have a new built almost daily thanks to our dedicated coder.

For the Alpha team, we need more testers with experience in different gametypes (CA, TDM, CTF, iCTF, iFT) and different locations with different pings to the current q3r servers located in Hungary to test the netcode and the unlagged and it is also getting harder to identify the bugs with the current team as we fix more bugs day by day.

Links: Alpha test signup, Homepage , Join Project Team // Facebook q3reloaded
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Q3 ReLoaDeD 3v3 NoGhost Cup - Finalists (2 comments)
Posted by @ 07:19 CDT, 30 July 2012 - iMsg
The groups stage in Q3 ReLoaDeD 3v3 Noghost Cup has ended with the last matches played last night. 8 teams got their tickets to the finals. We would like to congratulate all the teams and their respective members who could make it to the finals. We also would like to thank all other teams and players for their contribution to the RLDD 3v3 NoGhost Cup.

There have been around 40 matches (including forfeited ones) played in the groups stage that we have just finalized. RLDDTV streamed around 20 of these matches most of which are casted as well. The scoreboards and match scores for the groups stage and the teams going to the finals from each group are listed below.

Links Cup Website , VOD, RLDD Facebook , IRC Channels on QuakeNet #q3reloaded, #rcup , #rldd ,
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A wake up call from a QUAKER to QUAKERS (84 comments)
Posted by @ 03:39 CDT, 22 July 2012 - iMsg
The main concern I have had so far, while reading the comments to ReLoaDeD cup announcement and other ReLoaDeD topics on ESReality website, is that at least the so called "veterans/players of QUAKE” do not have tolerance for players of other mods or older versions of QUAKE. In other words, I see that players of some particular mods think that the real Quake is the mod they have been playing for a very long time, and they even deter from calling the players of other gametypes (like insta, freezetag), who have been playing QUAKE as long as they have been playing theirs, QUAKERS.

In these days, during which people discuss how to save QL, taking this as a base prerogative, the problem I want to put forward in this column is the severe and unfair, negative attitude towards "veteran players" of other QUAKE versions, calling them "noobs", and flaming them just because they play those mods or versions. I have difficulty in understanding why, these so called "veterans/players of QUAKE", are so narrow minded and blatantly self-confident in ignoring players of other gametypes/mods/versions. I think all real QUAKERS must already have grown enough, since they have been playing it for 10 or more years, to start showing respect for each other, unless they started playing Quake at the age of 2.

According to the recent posts on ESR website, it is nice to see some people think more about how to make QUAKE more active with more players and more newcomers, but I regret to see that many QUAKE players here are ignoring some QUAKE communities, already in existence, instead of appreciating them playing QUAKE. If you are a real QUAKE player, it means that QUAKE is in your blood and your heart pumps this blood through your body 80 times a minute, on average, and is full of it every millisecond. Players of those mods/versions are also playing QUAKE and they are real QUAKERS. You should have no other feelings than RESPECT for them.

To be more clear about their mentality, I would like to present it in simpler terms as follows:

My view is
“Player Plays QUAKE = YES, is he a real QUAKER= YES”

View which many QUAKERS here on ESR have is
“Player Plays QUAKE = YES, Is he a real QUAKER? = “hmm I need more information” “Which version does s/he play?”
1. QL=hmm still not enough, which gametype?
Insta=”they are noobs. Play aw man”. Is he a real QUAKER? = NO
CA=”Heh. Still not fully but maybe?” Is he a real QUAKER? =Why not?
Duel=”Oh this is of course real Quake.” Is he a real QUAKER? =Ofc
&CTF=(I personally couldn’t read enough comments here to know what these people think about this mod)
2. Q4=oh still that version? Is he a real QUAKER? =NO
3. Q3=What? Q What?, Is he a real QUAKER?=NO
4. Q2= You must be kidding. No comment. Is he a real QUAKER? Come on, no need to ask. Ofc not. Don’t ask the rest please.

Funny, isn’t it? I think it is. Because I witness that many people agree on this site that QUAKE (Not QL, QUAKE) requires a lot of time to get as skilled as any average player in QL. It's having a demotivating effect on the new players, as it takes more than a year worth of time, just to get used to all complexity of the game play itself, and this is still not enough to be an average player. However, the same people ignore the player base of old QUAKE versions or other mods who already developed enough skill, already gained the notion of playing Quake, and are highly familiar with the necessary tactical perspective required in QUAKE gameplay. With such an attitude, or approach, how can you make QUAKE more popular? You already exclude the current QUAKERS, even insult them by calling them "noobs", and do not even count them as real QUAKERS. Being a QUAKER is not a title that is given, it is earned. If it was to be given, the so called "veterans/players of QUAKE” wouldn’t be the ones giving the title to anyone who had already spent more than 5 years of their life playing any gametypes/mods/versions of QUAKE, because they already earned the title of QUAKER.

The starting point in the efforts to save QUAKE (not QL actually) should be, in my opinion, respecting and supporting players of QUAKE in any gametypes/mods/versions simply because of the time they spent and their devotion to play QUAKE, a 13 years old game (even QL is 4 years old). Players of QL should not forget that they were once playing Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 and then they ended up in QL. For example, we need to respect people who still play Q1 and we need to appreciate their devotion to play such an old version of QUAKE rather saying "oh noobs still play that". They are Real QUAKERS in my eyes, who are highly valued.

In short, it would be easier to save QUAKE if QUAKERS RESPECTED each other and RESPECTED every individual who spent their time to play QUAKE. We should meet on the common ground, that no matter what QUAKE gametype/mod/version a person plays, s/he is a real QUAKER. We are all QUAKERS and we have the same, sole aim to save QUAKE and we all LOVE playing QUAKE. So for the good of QUAKE, we should support every effort to make a QUAKE played more by any individuals/organizations, because the more QUAKE is played in one gametype/mod/version, the more potential players the other mods have. We have to think those as a door to the QUAKE building and the gametypes/mods/versions as the rooms. When the player is in the building, there is always a higher probability that this player visits your room one day.

The end word but at the same time the starting point is

LOVE QUAKE, LOVE QUAKERS, you will see everything will be better for QUAKE.

Best Regards,

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Q3 ReLoaDeD 3v3 Noghost Cup Update (21 comments)
Posted by @ 13:21 CDT, 21 July 2012 - iMsg
Q3 ReLoaDeD 3v3 Noghost Cup is continuing with the group stage matches. Next week will be the last week of the group stage in which teams will play 2 matches. Here are the group stage match scores thus far:

The cup matches and their times are posted on RLDD facebook page. Join us on Facebook to follow the RLDD cup

Links: VODs
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Q3 ReLoaDeD 3v3 NoGhost Cup Groups Draw (1 comment)
Posted by @ 17:18 CDT, 7 July 2012 - iMsg
ReLoaDeD TV will be hosting a live event in which the groups for the Q3 ReLoaDeD 3v3 NoGhost cup will be drawn. We invite everyone to this great event starting at 13:00 CDT, 8 July 2012.

Click Here to see the live draw event by covered by TURK on ReLoaDeD TV. Live Streaming has started.
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Q3ReLoaDeD 3v3 NoGhost Cup-Teams&Players (19 comments)
Posted by @ 19:51 CDT, 6 July 2012 - iMsg
Team registrations for the ReLoaDeD cup have been closed. We are glad to announce that there are 21 teams registered for the ReLoaDeD Cup. The cup matches will be streamed from ReLoaDeD TV. The cup matches will be played on 4 servers in 4 different locations for players’ choice. These locations are the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. Thanks Maverick Servers for this huge support. GL to all teams participating the cup.

The groups will be drawn in a live event which will be streamed by RELOADED TV on 08.07.2012 at 7pm CET (8pm EEST) and covered by TURK.

Click Here to see online briefing by TURK about the live draw event on ReLoaDeD TV.

Please click on the team name to see the players and the player nicks to see the players’ Biography.

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Q3 ReLoaDeD 3v3 NoGhost Cup (70 comments)
Posted by @ 12:07 CDT, 30 June 2012 - iMsg
The first Cup of Q3 ReLoaDeD Community is sponsored by id software and Maverick Servers. This will be the first Quake 3 instagib cup supported by id software. The cup will have some competitive teams from Q3 1.16n insta players and QL instagib players.

The Cup matches will be played on Servers provided by Maverick Servers. The cup matches will be streamed and commentated on by Q3 ReLoaDeD Commentators.

Links: Official Site, Sign Up, Teams and players, Media, Facebook Page
Sponsors: Maverick Servers, ID Software
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Q3 ReLoaDeD 3v3 Noghost Cup Coverage (No comments)
Posted by @ 11:59 CDT, 30 June 2012 - iMsg
-3 ReLoaDeD 3v3 Noghost Cup will give a start in the week 9-15th of July on ReLoaDeD Cup Servers. There will be around 16 challenging teams playing the cup.

With this coverage, you can have access to

- Page 1 - Cup Registration Page
- Page 2 - Match results Page
- Page 3 - Match Schedules
- Page 4 - Cup Media
- Page 5 - Cup Teams and players

Official websites:
- Q3 ReLoaDeD Portal
- Q3 ReLoaDeD Facebook Page

Links to Our Sponsors :
-id Software
-Maverick Servers
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