Team registrations for the ReLoaDeD cup have been closed. We are glad to announce that there are 21 teams registered for the ReLoaDeD Cup. The cup matches will be streamed from ReLoaDeD TV. The cup matches will be played on 4 servers in 4 different locations for players’ choice. These locations are the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. Thanks Maverick Servers for this huge support. GL to all teams participating the cup.

The groups will be drawn in a live event which will be streamed by RELOADED TV on 08.07.2012 at 7pm CET (8pm EEST) and covered by TURK.

Click Here to see online briefing by TURK about the live draw event on ReLoaDeD TV.

Please click on the team name to see the players and the player nicks to see the players’ Biography.