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Lately I'm having issues enjoying gaming. It's still something I spend 2-3 hours a day on as it beats TV but I simply do not enjoy them as much anymore. At this point I game out of a habit rather than real enjoyment. Now, the easiest reasoning would be 'yeah dude, all normal, as we age we lose interest in these things' and I would agree to some extent but for me it's almost like the speed of industry is moving too fast for middle class working old(er) farts like me.

First, there is simply too much released. Game development is announced one month and the early access/beta is there as soon as you fart, you have a constant release of AAA titles combined with gems of indie games and due to the popularity of some genres you have a constant barrage of add-ons/dlcs for existing games. Marketing has never been this good with mind boggling trailers, early announcements and genuinely peaking interest.

Second, digital platforms make it so easy to buy fast, cheap and instant. Result : cluttering my library to +180 games. Never ever in this lifetime I will get to play them all unless I become unemployed, wifeless and a bum. Yet, I continue to buy any wish-listed game that is discounted over 60%. It's legitimately a game I want so why miss out on the discount!

Third, everything is tailored so much to multiplayer nowadays that you feel the constant urge to compete. I love to compete but I just need to be honest and consider my age and real lack of dedicated time due to professional/personal reasons. As such concluding I'm simply another average gamer hurts.

Fourth, even if want to be really good in anything it's mostly about commitment to one game but there is simply SO MUCH to explore right now. You have QC, R6Siege, PUBG, COD:BO4, Insurgency SS, Scum and all of them are really good games. I want to play them all AND be good in them. It's almost like I used to be such a competitive gamer in Quake that I simply can't stand being a casual in anything.

Five, constantly playing online really kills any SP FPS as it becomes really obvious on how shitty AI still is. I'm honestly baffled that there is no major advancement in AI anymore, some games even have worse AI than games for 2005. But what's even worse is that I'm now so used to competing that I immediately feel the 'emptiness' in a single player game. Result : I never enjoy them longer than 2 hours.

Six, time issues. I'd love to get back in a very lengthy RPG or sim builder but I have limited time and there is just SO much to play nowadays (see 1 and 2) that I never really start them because I know any online FPS can provide me instant action, maximizing the investment I get out of my time.

Simply put, I'm in a situation that I can't deal with the speed and complexity of the game industry anymore. I'm over saturated :D . You know you get old when sayings like 'it used to be simpler in my time' get value.

On the other hand : I have +180 games in steam and have 100 on my wishlist. I'm probably an idiot.