The first week of the Quake Nations Cup Q3 TDM is behind us, excepted for 2 late encounters. It is now time to have a look at the second round of the group stage with the following matches:
: Thursday 15th, 16:00 CDT: Germany German / Belarus Belarus (bet)
: Thursday 15th, 16:30 CDT: Poland Poland / Spain Spain (bet)
: Sunday 18th, 15:00 CDT: United Kingdom United Kingdom / Croatia Croatia (bet)
: Sunday 18th, 15:00 CDT: Sweden Sweden / Denmark Denmark (bet)
: Sunday 18th, 15:15 CDT: Hungary Hungary / Netherlands Netherlands (bet)
: Sunday 18th, 16:00 CDT: Russia Russia / Ukraine Ukraine

Not scheduled - Belgium Belgium / Czech Republic Czech Rep.
Not scheduled - France France / Slovenia Slovenia

Wildcarded & not scheduled - Belgium Belgium / Serbia Serbia
The dates and times are still subject to change and the news will be updated as often as needed. If you happen to be the captain of a nation which hasn't scheduled its match yet, please get involved!

Note that the signups for the Quake 4 and the Quakelive Nations Cups 2009 TDM are still opened on (CzEnglish can be hard to understand)!

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