I've made it in the bigtime! I'm getting rave reviews!

In case you haven't kept up to speed. I work as a Level Designer at Grin, currently working on Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2: Tactical(PC exclusive GRAW2 with the same story but completely different gameplay/content/models etc. A bit more hardcore.)

Recently we released a closed multiplayer beta for fileplanet subscribers, dedicated Ghost Recon fans and the press, which contained two gameplay modes(one of which I helped design), and one map(which I built and got rough outlines designed for me) and some previews have now been published about it. Since this is the first real thing I produce as a grown-up, having the international press say it's great is making me really proud of myself :D.

The Calavera level map design is exceptional. The large, broken down houses, containing tons of little cracks to sit or hide in, speaks volumes for the effort put in by map designers.

Both game types take place in a dense, rundown urban location called Calavera. The name itself means "skull" in Spanish and resonates with ominous connections to the Dia de Los Muertos. The cramped location means that firefights take place at close ranges, so while sprinting might be a good way to get across large open areas, you'll want to creep around with your weapon drawn when rounding the corners of buildings or fences. You can see from the screens in our media section just how crowded the maps can be. Rather than giving players a sense of security when surrounded by walls, the options for players to get up on roofs means that death can come from any direction.

Yay! I'm the best! :D