The next competitions of the Quake Nations Cup are starting really soon. Quake Live and Quake 4 are coming up. Quake 2 and QuakeWorld are still in phase of sign-ups and what is going on in Quake 3 is available in several great coverages all around. Quake Live is hosting 16 teams divided into 4 groups. There will be one qualifier round for B Squads of United Kingdom and Poland.
- This game is supposed to be played on Monday. You can find out more at IRC channel
q4cz Quake 4 welcome 5 nations and there will only be one group, in which all teams will face each other. 4 teams will advance to play-off.
- Quake Live and Quake 4 matches will be casted in CzEnglish, if you know somebody, who can do it in real English, let us know.
q3cz Quake 3 The admins will face a challenge this Sunday, because there are 7 games going on almost simultaneously.
- Be sure to check schedule and place some bets!
q2cz Quake 2 seems to be somehow canceled, because there aren't enough teams.
- I don't know nothing about the Quake 2 scene to be true, but if team captains would like to play Nations Cup in Quake 2, let me know and we might figure out how to start this competition as well.
qwcz QuakeWorld sign ups are almost ove with 7 teams in, we may expect some great games there.
- Thanks to JohnNy_cz for his great work with this cup.

Good luck & have fun in the Quake Nations Cups and enjoy the games!

qwcz QuakeWorld ::: q2cz Quake 2 ::: q3cz Quake 3 ::: q4cz Quake 4 ::: Quake Live